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Members Area

Oct 2, 2018
  • Members Area - this is a personal user panel of A-Parser. There is possible to pay for different services, manage subscriptions and their expiry dates, as well as download new version.


    Members Area has 4 sections (tabs).

    - allows you to select the desired services, pay and view their transaction history. Contains 2 tabs: Basket and History.

    Basket - here you can select the desired service, payment method and make a deal.
    History - this section displays the entire history of payments.

    A-Parser - allows you change the IP for accessing to the A-parser, download new versions and view license information. There are 3 tabs: IP Configuration, Downloads, and License Info.

    IP Configuration - in this section you can change the IP for accessing to the A-parser.
    Downloads - here you can monitor actuality of number of build and download new versions.
    License Info - displays information about the status of the license.

    Proxies - on this tab, you can view information about subscribing to the proxy, change the IP to access them, as well as get acquainted with the information on using proxies.

    Affiliate Program - work with affiliate program.

    Procedure of payment selected services(top)

    Product selection(top)

    On the Shop - Basket tab available for selection following products.
    • Information
      This item is for informational purposes only. It contains a link to this documentation. There is also shows the number of created, but not paid bills. Unpaid bills - a bill with the status new, ie those that have been created, but not paid. Below, in the section Payment History will show how to work with such bills.

    • A-Parser
      Here you can choose the type of license to buy or improve your license to a higher.
      There are 3 types of licenses:
      • Lite: only parsers of Google and Yandex
      • Pro: all 50+ parsers
      • Enterprise: Pro version + API
      License Comparsion

    • A-Parser Addons
      Selecting addition to the main license.
      • Additionals IP - additional IP to access the A-parser. You can select from 1 to 9 IP.
      • Updates - update packages. Available for 3 months, 1 year or lifetime.

    • Proxy
      Selecting a package of proxy and information about the current subscription. Selectable 8 packages: from 20 streams per 1 week up to 300 threads per month. You may select up to 6 identical package, the timing will be summarized.

    • Custom payment
      In this category you can simply make a donation, pay for the order for paid task preparation, or make other payment is not provided for in paragraph above.

    You can select multiple products and pay for them in one payment. For example:

    Under the terms of the license, A-Parser can be run simultaneously on only one IP. If you need to run simultaneously on several different IP - you need to buy additional IP. The proxy can also be used on only one IP. If it becomes necessary to use proxies on several different IP - then you need to create a new account, and on it needed to buy a package proxy.


    After being as you have chosen all necessary products, you can go to the payment. The choice of payment method provided by 3:
    • WebMoney
      This method allows you pay through Webmoney. After clicking button [​IMG] is redirected to the merchant page, where it is the authorization of payment and withdrawal of money. This method is the most simple, fast and does not have commission.

    • Interkassa
      This aggregator of payments. It can be used to pay for products using a variety of services:
      Just choose the desired service and follow the instructions. For each service provided a detailed description of the steps of payment. This method is most frequently used, but has a low permeability payments. Commission - 3%.

    • PayPro
      It is also aggregator of payments. When using it, you can choose a currency for payment:
      Please note that the selected currency can change the size of the commission.
    • Here you can also choose payment options by person or company and ways to pay:

      This method is most often used for payment through the settlement account as a company. Permeability of payments higher than in the Interkassa. The commission 3%.
    Recommended methods of payment: WebMoney и PayPro.

    After fulfillment of payment, all previously selected products are immediately available for use. Check the status of payment can be in the history of payments.

    Payment History(top)

    Payment history is available on the Shop - History tab. Listed here are all created bills, have been paid, or not. Each of them can have the status of new or paid.

    By clicking on the icon of bill view, shows a tab Bill view, where you can view detailed information about bill.

    In Bill View are available more actions (only for payments with status new):
    • Refresh - update information about bill
    • Cancel bill - cancellation bill(deletion)
    • Pay now - make a payment (if it not been done)
    For payments with the status paid these actions are not available.

    Two-factor authentication(top)

    After acquiring a license, it is imperative to set up two-factor authentication. This feature is required and cannot be disabled in the future. Its use provides additional protection against unauthorized access by third parties to your account.
    • The first stage of authentication is the traditional authorization using login / mail and password.
    • The second step is to enter the verification code. Verification code can be received at the associated mail (recommended) or in the applications Authy or Google Authenticator.
    Two-factor authentication is managed on the appropriate page in your profile. It is also recommended to create Backup codes that, in case of loss of access to mail or an application, will allow authorization on the site.
    It is possible to add a device to a trusted for 30 days and not to go through the authentication procedure on a trusted device each time you log on to the site. To do this, during authorization, it is necessary to check the corresponding checkbox.
    In case of loss of access to mail or an application for which confirmation codes are set up, or in case of other problems with authorization, you should contact Technical Support.

    Potential problems and their solutions(top)

    When making payments possible that the money from the account written off, but the service is still not available. In most cases, this is solved as follows. It is necessary to go to the Payment History and see the status of the payment, which has not passed. If the status is new - then we go to the View Bill, and click the Refresh button. If after that the status has changed to paid - it means everything is fine and you can enjoy the selected product. If this method did not solve the problem, as well as any other issues - please contact Support.

    Payment for legal entities(top)

    At the moment we do not work directly with legal entities, we propose to use payment through PayPro:
    • You can pay with a corporate Visa / Mastercard, as well as electronic currencies
    • You will have the opportunity to pay for your company
    • After successful payment you will receive an invoice, which you can use to confirm the purchase in your accounting department
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