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Get acquainted with the menu structure

Nov 17, 2017

  • A-Parser interface(top)

    The interface is divided into tabs:
    • Home & news
    • Quick task
    • Tasks editor
    • Tasks queue
    • Scheduler
    • Logs viewer
    • Proxy checker
    • Tools
    • Parsers Editor
    • Settings
    • Parser test
    • Logout

    Detailed description(top)

    • Home & news - the latest news about updatings and changes in A-Parser.
    • Quick task - the simplified editor for fast addition of tasks. Possibility of a choice parsing of links from Google or Bing, suggests and snippets of Google.
    • Tasks editor - the full-fledged editor of tasks. For a choice well to more than 50 parsers with expanded settings.
    • Tasks queue - displays active\complete tasks in queue.
    • Scheduler - allows you to easily schedule tasks that require periodic execution.
    • Logs viewer - viewing of the log for a concrete task. The log on each thread is conducted separately.
    • Proxy checker - in this tab is displayed statistics of work Proxy checker. It constantly works (if switched on the parser server), constantly checks a proxy and by that has the actual list of live proxy.
    • Tools - include some tabs:
      • Template tester - the tool for creating and check of templates.
      • JavaScript editor - allows you to add your JS functions and execute them from a template engine.
      • Update A-Parser - check of updatings and automatic updating to the latest version.
      • Maintenance - a stoping and reset the server of the parser, and also a debugging window
    • Parsers Editor - allows you to create your own parsers using java script
    • Settings - include some tabs:
      • Global settings - settings of the parser. Opportunity to change the password, language, parameters of updatings, quantity of active tasks.
      • Configs presets - settings of threads and methods of an unique for tasks.
      • Parsers presets - each parser has the settings which are available to editing. Descriptions of settings are available to each parser in the section Parsers.
      • Proxy checker presets - detailed settings for check proxy. Opportunity to change quantity of threads of loading proxy from the sites, quantity of threads of check proxy and many other things. The detailed description in the article Proxy Settings.
      • Advanced settings - optional settings for the advanced users
    • Parser test - check working of separate parsers with displaying the log of all actions.
    • Logout - end of work with the parser, return to the page of request the password
    From version 1.2.0 in the lower left corner of the parser appeared "Status bar". It displays the following information:
    • status of the parser - has the default value of "ldle" - means that the parser is in the standby mode, when the task is added, the value will change to "Parsing";
    • number of running and all tasks - the "Tasks" field, when the job is added, the value changes according to the execution process;
    • number of live and downloaded proxies - the "Proxies" field, allows you to monitor the configuration and operation of the proxy;
    • number of threads involved - the "Threads" field, allows you to monitor the number of threads;
    The search has been added to the list. The search is activated if the number of elements is greater than 10: