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Query builder

Jul 2, 2015

  • Query builder - allows separate the initial request for parts and\or to transform requests by certain rules


    • Division of request for parts by means of regular expression or by means of arbitrary separator
    • Changeover of substring in request or changeover by the regular expression
    • Separation domain\master domain from the link
    • Adding sign ! before each word in request (it is necessary for a parser SE::Yandex::WordStat SE::Yandex::WordStat)
    • Coercion of request to upper\lower register
    The received new requests it is possible to use in Request format when forming request to a parser and in Result format when forming result
    In addition:
    • If to create request $proxy that in the current request will be used this proxy bypassing Proxy Checker. Proxy shall be transferred in the format http://ip:port or socks://ip:port

    Main options for use(top)

    • Separation of the domain from the link for the subsequent check of domain in SE::Google::pR SE::Google::pR and similar parsers
    • Use in request only of part of the initial string, for example we have the file of requests:
    We can separate keyword and already available data on rate of a keyvord, check keyword for competition and to write in the file result in format keyword;rate;competition
    • Automatic substitution of the character ! before each word in request for a parser SE::Yandex::WordStat SE::Yandex::WordStat

    Example of using(top)

    Check PR of domain and saving additional information from request
    We will assume we have a file with requests in a format link to the page and through a gap the description:
    We need to check Google PageRank of the domain and to save the initial link, the domain, PR and the initial description in result, the task will look so:
    As a result we will receive:
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