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Quick Task functionality

Dec 25, 2015
  • Quick task - the simplified editor for quick adding of tasks.


    Collection of links from search engines(top)

    In the editor for quick adding of the task the limited number of settings is provided. For collection of links from search engines are created: Google - Links and Bing - Links.

    Task on collection of links from Google:




    Detailed description of the task(top)

    • For a start we will select from a field "What we parse?" - Google - Links
    • Option Parse all result on demand - In case of a choice of this option to request will be added additional characters for receiving bigger amount of results
    • Choice from where to load requests: from the file or from a field of requests. For use loading requests from the file, it is necessary to save the file in folder queries/. In addition is available the choice as file of requests from the folder with results results/ and from the folder with unsuccessful requests failed/. Support of all search operators of Google (site: inurl: etc.)
    • Unique results - defines whether to do unique results. After generation of the final result, it breaks line by line and there is a sifting of repeated lines
    • Threads count - Parser works in the multithreaded mode, that allows to process parallely a set of requests in at one time. Threads count regulates amount at the same time processed requests
    • Use proxy - defines whether to use a proxy for execution of the task. For use that option it is necessary to set up Proxy checker beforehand
    After everything is set up, it is possible to pass to adding of the task.
    Look at the status of execution of task possible having selected Task queue tab.

    Collection of snippets from search engines(top)

    Snippet – is the small text information, relating to the site which is showed in search results.


    Sequence of compilation of the task, same as for Google - Link.
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