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Use of several parsers in one task

Aug 6, 2015
  • A-Parser supports request processing directly several parsers, that allows:
    • Parsing output directly several search engines
    • Analyze domains in a set of parameters
    • At the same time to collect keywords from suggests from different search engines and Yandex.Wordstat
    • Collect Whois and DNS information for domains
    • Set of other options of application
    For adding new parser it is enough to click Add Parser button in Task editor:
    Each parser is enumerated, results of each parser in Results builder and in case of Formatting of results are available through abbreviations of $p1, $p2... where the number designates number of a parser. In general format of result are by default removed sequentially results on each parser, in the format specified in settings of each parser
    Use of several parsers in one task increases the general speed of parsing because the amount of simultaneous requests to one parser decreases, respectively less often there comes ban of proxy or show a captcha
    Each parser parsing the initial request or its variation when using Query builder, has in settings the format of request, however, one parser can't transfer results of work previous parser (present possibility is planned in the future)
    Example of the analysis of domains in several parameters
    In this example we use as requests the list of domains, which shortly again will become available to registration, us interests to select greasy domains (domains with good parameters), for this purpose we used the 8th different parsers:
    In a format of results we output the initial request (domain) and results from each parser, in an order necessary to us