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System requirements

Jun 17, 2020
  • A-Parser well works at operating systems:
    • Windows: 7/8/8.1/10, Server 2003/2008 (except Web Edition)/2012
    • Linux: CentOS/Debian/Ubuntu/others
    • FreeBSD: 6+ when using a package of compatibility linux-baseс
    Minimum requirements to the hardware:
    • The computer (house or office), VDS or the allocated server
    • Free random access memory: 512 Mb
    • 100 Mb on the hard drive for installation + a necessary place for files of results
    The recommended parameters:
    • Intel Core i3+ processor or similar AMD
    • 1024 Mb of random access memory
    • 10+ Gb an empty space on the hard drive
    Parameters for the maximum productivity:
    • The allocated server with OS: Linux or FreeBSD, with small restrictions of Windows*
    • The processor with the maximum productivity of one kernel
    • 4 Gb of random access memory
    • Network connection of 200+ Mbit/s
    * On the Windows operating system the parser can use to 10000 threads and to ~2000 Mb of random access memory; on Linux and FreeBSD the number of threads and the number of used memory theoretically isn't limited

    Verification of the license
    • For control of authenticity of the license is used check of the IP address of the computer to which A-Parser is installed, for convenience it is recommended to use the static IP address. Work with the dynamic IP address is also possible, it will be for this purpose necessary to update manually the IP address in a Members Area
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