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Collection of recipes #3: decoding of phone numbers, creating a sitemap, results in SQL dump format

Discussion in 'News' started by Support, Apr 26, 2016.

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    Mar 16, 2012
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    3rd collection of recipies. In it we learn to decoding the phone numbers, will do a sitemap and study the saving result to the SQL dump file, that will be immediately ready for import into a database.

    Output results in a SQL dump format
    The question "is it possible to save the results directly to the database" is very often ask users in technical support. And as for now directly save the results in a database there is no way (but planned), it offers the option output them in the dump file, and then import it into the database. How to do it - showing the link above.

    Selective processing of JavaScript: decoding phones numbers
    Sometimes when parsing a variety of resources you can stumble upon information that is hidden script in JavaScript. Until recently, the A-Parser did not know how to handle JS, and these sites were in the "zone of inaccessibility". But since version 1.1.318 A-Parser learned to selectively work with JS. So now it is possible to more effectively parse these resources and get the right information.
    How to do it and more details about the support JS in the A-Parser reads the link above.

    Make sitemap with A-Parser
    Sitemap in simple words - it is XML-file, which helps search engines better index your site. Some SEO-experts consider its absence gross error. There are so many services and tools to create these maps, well, we will try to create it with the A-Parser. What would happen, and how to do it - read the link above.

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