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The Basis of A-Parser Functionality is Search Engine Scrapers

A-Parser includes Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, AOL, Baidu and others scrapers. We have no competitors in terms of speed and capabilities
SERP Scraping: Links, anchors and snippets. Mass scraping of organic and ADS search results
Keyword Scraping: Collecting keywords from Google trends, Google keyword planner
Positions Cheker: A-Parser Checks the Positions of Sites in the list of Search Queries in Search Engine
Keyword Suggestions Scraping: Supports selection of search country, domain, language of results

Incredible Scraping Speed

A-Parser allows you to process hundreds of millions and billions of requests

The amount of data collected is not limited by anything, and can reach terabyte values
Full Feature Overview
Preset Catalog
JavaScript / NodeJS modules
Multithreading - up to 10,000 simultaneous threads
Full automation by API
Captcha recognition
Task queue
Supports HTTP proxy, SOCKS 4/5
Windows, Linux and macOS, WEB interface
Regular improvements and support

Solution 2

Business and SaaS

Save budget and time for development and support
Paid Support: We will develop a solution for your technical assignment based on A-Parser scraper in the shortest possible time
Integration and API: Use A-Parser in your business processes, automating tasks of any complexity
Build your SaaS services: A-Parser is used in many SaaS services, for example, the position checking service is entirely built on the basis of A-Parser

Solution 4

Marketers and Analysts

Competitive marketing research, solutions for collecting contact information
ADS Scraping: Collect and Analyze your Competitors' AD Creatives
For Lead Generation: Collect contact information from sites. Scrape phone numbers, emails from forums, message boards, Google Maps and other sites
Social Media: Scrape data from social networks: open Telegram groups, Instagram

A-Parser is an indispensable multi-tool for SEO specialists

Automate processes for collecting and processing information
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Simple, Transparent Pricing

A-Parser Lite

Basic Google and Yandex Scrapers
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Only Google and Yandex Scrapers
3 months of free updates
Bonus proxies: 20 threads for 2 weeks

A-Parser Pro

Access to All Scrapers
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A set of 90+ built-in web scrapers
Creating JavaScript scrapers
6 months of free updates
Bonus proxies: 50 threads for a month
All features included in the Lite pack

A-Parser Enterprise

Access to All Scrapers and API
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API control
Multi-core task processing
Redis integration
All features included in the Pro pack
Updates: $ 49 for 3 months, $ 149 for a year, or $ 399 for life
Complete Comparison of Versions and Functionality

Fee solutions

Custom Web Scraping Solutions

We not only just rely on tools, but also our people and their expertise
Developing your own web scrapers or web automation robots can take a lot of time and effort. With A-Parser, you can delegate this job to experts who will deliver a turn-key solution just for you
We understand each company has a unique business objective, that’s why our data experts will put the focus clearly on fulfilling your needs and wants
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What operating systems does the scraper support?
A-Parser scraper works on Windows, Linux and MacOS (Docker) operating systems. A-Parser has a web-interface and can be managed both locally and remotely
What is the maximum number of threads available?
A-Parser can parallelize network operations up to 5000-10000 threads, depending on computer configuration and the task at hand
What proxies does scraper support?
A-Parser supports HTTP, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxies, as well as proxies with authorization. For more details:
How A-Parser solves captchas?
Scraper supports captcha recognition through the programs XEvil and CapMonster, as well as through services Anti-Captcha, 2Captcha and similar
What is the maximum query file size that can be used in the scraper?
Query and result files are not limited in any way and can reach terabytes in size
Where can I see all the possible parameters to use them through the API?
In the task editor you should set the necessary parameters and get the ready JSON using the Show API query function

Required Knowledge

Can I write my own scraper?
Using A-Parser functionality, you can write your own JavaScript scraper with logic of any level of complexity you need to solve your task. You can write the code directly in the scraper's interface. More details:
What do I get right after installing the scraper, and what can I do on my own?
Once the scraper is installed, you have access to a catalog of preinstalled scrapers, as well as examples of ready-made presets that you can use as the basis for your own tasks. The functionality of A-Parser gives you enormous opportunities to develop your own scrapers and presets (if you have programming experience)


If I only need one kind of scraper, which version of the scraper should I purchase?
The Lite-version is enough for such purposes, but the Pro-version is more practical and flexible in operation
If the list of scrapers doesn't include the required scraper, how can I scrape a specific service/site?

If for some reason you were unable to scrape the necessary information, you can contact our experts, specifying the necessary scraping parameters. To do this you need to contact us. According to your requirements we will prepare a scraper for you
How much does it cost to create custom web scraper?
If you can't find the scraper you need in the ready-made catalog, then we have a paid technical support. The cost of scraping sites depends on the complexity of the task, the minimum price is $15. If you want to order web scraping, fill in the brief here
How to scrape Google without getting banned?
To scrape Google without getting banned, you need to use a good proxy. You can buy proxies both from us and from third-party resources. Using our proxies will make the scraping of Google stable and at high speed. You can see the data on Google scraping speed here


Do you have free support?
Yes, when you buy A-Parser you get free support across multiple channels, including Online chat, Telegram, Discord and the ticketing system
What can a paid helpdesk help with?
Paid technical support can help with tasks of creating custom scrapers, creating TOR for the scraper, as well as installing and configuring A-Parser

Transform the web into usable data 100x faster with A-Parser

Automate your information gathering and data processing
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