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Lifetime license. Updates are paid separately
A-Parser Lite
Basic Google and Yandex Scrapers
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Only Google and Yandex Scrapers
3 months of free updates
Bonus proxies: 20 threads for 2 weeks
A-Parser Pro
Access to All Scrapers
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A set of 90+ built-in web scrapers
Creating JavaScript scrapers
6 months of free updates
Bonus proxies: 50 threads for a month
All features included in the Lite pack
A-Parser Enterprise
Access to All Scrapers and API
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API control
Multi-core task processing
Redis integration
All features included in the Pro pack
Updates: $ 49 for 3 months, $ 149 for a year, or $ 399 for life
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$179/ forever
$299/ forever
$479/ forever
Yandex + Google scraper
Set of 90+ preset scrapers
Task queue
Task editor
Support for Windows, Linux and MacOS (Docker)
Creating your own presets
JavaScript scrapers
API control
Multicore task processing

Updates Included

A-Parser is constantly developing. With each release of new versions, improvements or corrections are made, including in connection with changes in the format of issuing services that the scraper supports
When you buy A-Parser, the following free upgrade packages are included:
- Lite - 3 months
- Pro and Enterprise - 6 months

Discounts and Promotions

Proxies are provided with the purchase of A-Parser:
Lite license - 20 threads for 2 weeks
Pro license - 50 threads per month
Enterprise license - 50 threads per month
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We Accept the Following Types of Payments

You can pay for A-Parser scraper license from anywhere in the world, by any card
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Frequent Questions Related to Payment

Purchase and payment

Do I have to pay extra for something after buying A-Parser?
No, updates for A-Parser are included for 3 months (for Lite license) and for 6 months (for Pro and Enterprise licenses). After the end of the free updates period you can continue to use A-Parser with the latest version available at the end of the updates period. More details:
How can I upgrade my license?
For license upgrade you will need to pay an additional amount. The cost depends on which license you want to upgrade to. Conditions for switching to a different license:
Lite -> Pro: $139
Lite -> Enterprise: $319
Pro -> Enterprise: $199
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all possible payment methods, bank cards, PayPal, e-currencies, cryptocurrencies. If you have not found a suitable payment method, please contact our technical support.
Where and how can I pay for proxies?
When you buy a license, you get bonus proxies. You can choose to buy more proxy threads or extend your subscription in your personal account in the "Shop" tab, "Proxy" subsection
What is the difference between the Lite and Pro license?
The main difference between these two licenses is the number of preinstalled scrapers: in Lite license only Google and Yandex scrapers are available, in Pro license all 90+ scrapers are available. The second difference is that the Lite license does not allow you to create your own presets and JavaScript scrapers.
Can I share my purchased license with friends, colleagues?
According to the rules of the User Agreement, the license is for personal use only, without the right to resell, rent, publish on the Internet or otherwise arrange access to the program, allowing third parties to copy or use it

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