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Licenses and Add-ons

A-Parser Versions

Version Comparison

A-Parser Lite
A-Parser Pro
A-Parser Enterprise
Supported scrapersSE::GoogleSE::Google and SE::YandexSE::YandexAll 90+ scrapersAll 90+ scrapers
Task queue
Task editor
Query substitutions
Query builder
Results deduplication
Results filtering
Results builder
Result formatting
Creating your own scrapers
JavaScript scrapers
Managing scraper via API
Supported OSWindows, Linux and FreeBSDWindows, Linux and FreeBSDWindows, Linux and FreeBSD
A-Parser licenseLifetimeLifetimeLifetime
Free updates3 months6 months6 months
Technical support
Bonus proxies

License Improving

The following options are available for upgrading the license:

  • Lite -> Pro: $139
  • Lite -> Enterprise: $319
  • Pro -> Enterprise: $199


Update Packages

A-Parser is constantly evolving, with each new version bringing improvements or fixes, including those related to changes in the output format of the services supported by the scraper. The following free update packages are included with the purchase of the scraper:

  • Lite: 3 months
  • Pro and Enterprise: 6 months

During this period, the user can update to the latest current version. After the free update period ends, the user can update to the latest stable version available at the time of the end of the updates and continue to use the scraper to the extent that the version available at the time of the end of the subscription allows. The following update packages are available after the end of the free update period:

  • 3 months of updates: $49
  • 1 year of updates: $149
  • Lifetime updates: $399

There is no need to pay for the period during which there was no subscription to updates.

Update Channels

A-Parser has 3 update channels:

  • Stable: stable versions, for each version a corresponding news with a full description of the changes is released
  • Beta: this version includes the latest changes, allowing you to quickly respond to changes in the operation of services
  • Alpha - experimental version of the scraper, unstable operation is possible, used for testing new features

Changing the version through the interface: img

Changing the version through the Personal Account: img

License System

License Agreement

This License Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") is a legal agreement concluded between a natural or legal person (hereinafter referred to as the "User") and regarding the A-Parser software (hereinafter referred to as the "Program"), which may include software components and accompanying documentation in printed and electronic form.

By installing, copying or otherwise using the Program, the User thereby agrees to comply with the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of this agreement, do not install or use this Program. The Program is protected by laws and international copyright agreements.

Multi-user work

Each license allows installing A-Parser on a server and using its interface remotely. But only one user can work with one instance of the scraper at a time. If a second user opens the interface on their computer, the session of the first user will be terminated. For simultaneous work, we recommend running several instances of A-Parser.

Additional licenses

The main license for A-Parser allows installing the scraper on one computer/server. To run it simultaneously on two or more computers/servers, you need to purchase additional licenses for each additional computer/server:

  • Lite: not available
  • Pro: $249
  • Enterprise: $399

When upgrading from a Pro license to an Enterprise license with additional licenses, you should pay the actual difference based on the already paid amount and the cost of the additional Enterprise license for each additional license.

To purchase Additional licenses, go to the Personal account, select the required number of licenses in the Store tab under Additional IP, and pay in a convenient way for you. After payment, fields for additional IP will appear on the A-Parser - IP Setup tab: img

License check

To control the authenticity of the license, the IP address of the computer on which A-Parser is installed is checked. For convenience, it is recommended to use a static IP address. Working with a dynamic IP address is also possible, but you will need to manually update the IP address in your personal account.

Warning: License revocation

The license is provided exclusively for personal use. Resale, rental, and any other forms of joint access are prohibited.


We reserve the right to block your license without the possibility of recovery and without a refund

Discounts and promotions

Bonus on purchase

When purchasing A-Parser, proxies are provided:

  • Lite - 20 streams for 2 weeks,
  • Pro and Enterprise - 50 streams for a month

When switching from one license version to another, discounts and promotions on proxies do not apply

Affiliate program

Earn up to $72 from the sale of each license through your referral link, read more on the Affiliate program page.