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Social::Instagram::Post - Instagram Post Scraper


Scraper Overview

Social::Instagram::PostSocial::Instagram::Post - scrapes posts from Instagram. Automated collection of all data: post type, text, publication date, number of comments, number of likes, and much more. Allows scraping up to 1200 comments on posts in 3 minutes. Along with the comment text, a link to the author's profile, the number of likes under it, and the time it was created are also collected.

All simple results can be obtained without using authorization. Authorization is required for collecting comments, you need to specify a value for the cookie option. Similar to the scraper Social::Instagram::Profile.

Scraper Use Cases

Collecting comments under posts

Use case
  1. Specify values for the options required for authorization (cookie, x-csrftoken, x-ig-app-id).
  2. Override the Page count option, select 100 from the list.
  3. Override the Result format option, specify $comments.format('$text\n') as the value.
  4. Specify post links as queries.
Download example

How to import the example into A-Parser


Collected Data

  • Post type
  • Text
  • Publication date
  • Number of comments
  • Number of likes
  • Width and height of the image/video
  • Link to the author's profile
  • Author's nickname
  • Location
  • Information about likes
  • Information about comments
  • Link to the location
  • Number of video views
  • Comments
    • Link to the author's profile
    • Text
    • Number of likes
    • Creation time

Use Cases

  • Collecting post information


Post links should be specified as queries, for example:

Output Results Examples

A-Parser supports flexible formatting of results thanks to the built-in templating engine Template Toolkit, allowing it to output results in any form, as well as in a structured form, for example CSV or JSON

Default Output

Result format:

$query: comments: $comments_count, likes: $likes_count\nText: $text

Result example: comments: 7268, likes: 362777
Text: “Like anyone else, I get lonely or insecure. Making my art is like creating companions or more well-formed versions of myself. My artworks are like mirrors, but ones where I can manipulate what’s being reflected at me.” —Artist @gitte_maria (Gitte Maria Moller)

Realized across mixed media, including wire frames, 3D sculpture, print plexiglass, panel paintings and site-specific installations, Gitte’s art explores themes in multitude: icons of childhood, 90s computer games, walls, fences and dead ends, pain and joy.

“I draw inspiration across time and history, from the ancient to the contemporary, but I like to think that these things all exist on the same plane and have equal value. Things only have value or importance because we ascribe it, so I like to play around with that, both in the materials I work with and in the content.

I try not to be too goal oriented when I am making work. It’s rather a feeling of something interior that spreads outward. The meaning becomes clearer to me when I’ve had some distance from the reality that generated the artwork. I like to be surprised in this way, so I create a lot of space for chance.”

Art by @gitte_maria

Links to profiles of those who commented on the post

Result format:


Result example:

Possible Settings

ParameterDefault ValueDescription
Pages count1Number of pages for parsing comments
cookieAuthorization option, required for parsing comments.
x-csrftokenAuthorization option, required for parsing comments.
x-ig-app-idAuthorization option, required for parsing comments.