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Social::Instagram::Post - Instagram post scraper


Social::Instagram::Post scraper overviewโ€‹

Social::Instagram::PostSocial::Instagram::Post - scrapes posts from Instagram. Automated collection of all data: post type, text, publication date, number of comments, number of likes, and much more. Allows scraping up to 1200 comments to posts in 3 minutes. Along with the comment text, a link to the author's profile, the number of likes under it, and the time it was created are also collected.

Information about authorization data!โ€‹


All simple results can be obtained without using authorization. Authorization is required to collect comments, you need to specify a value for the option: cookie. Similarly to the scraper Social::Instagram::Profile

Use cases for Social::Instagram::Post scraperโ€‹

Collecting comments under postsโ€‹

Case 1

  1. Specify the values for the options required for authorization (cookie, x-csrftoken, x-ig-app-id).
  2. Override the Page count option, select 100 from the list.
  3. Override the Result format option, set the value to $comments.format('$text\n').
  4. Specify links to posts as requests.
Download example

How to import an example into A-Parser


List of collected dataโ€‹

  • Post type
  • Text
  • Publication date
  • Number of comments
  • Number of likes
  • Width and height of the image/video
  • Link to the author's profile
  • Author's nickname
  • Location
  • Information about likes
  • Information about comments
  • Link to location
  • Number of video views
  • Comments
    • Link to the author's profile
    • Text
    • Number of likes
    • Creation time

Example of the result: comments: 7268, likes: 362777
Text: โ€œLike anyone else, I get lonely or insecure. Making my art is like creating companions or more well-formed versions of myself. My artworks are like mirrors, but ones where I can manipulate whatโ€™s being reflected at me.โ€ โ€”Artist @gitte_maria (Gitte Maria Moller)

Realized across mixed media, including wire frames, 3D sculpture, print plexiglass, panel paintings and site-specific installations, Gitteโ€™s art explores themes in multitude: icons of childhood, 90s computer games, walls, fences and dead ends, pain and joy.

โ€œI draw inspiration across time and history, from the ancient to the contemporary, but I like to think that these things all exist on the same plane and have equal value. Things only have value or importance because we ascribe it, so I like to play around with that, both in the materials I work with and in the content.

I try not to be too goal oriented when I am making work. Itโ€™s rather a feeling of something interior that spreads outward. The meaning becomes clearer to me when Iโ€™ve had some distance from the reality that generated the artwork. I like to be surprised in this way, so I create a lot of space for chance.โ€

Art by @gitte_maria

Use casesโ€‹

  • Collecting information about a post

Examples of requestsโ€‹

Links to posts should be specified as requests, for example:

Possible settingsโ€‹

ParameterDefault valueDescription
Pages count1The number of pages to parse comments
cookieAuthorization option, required for parsing comments.
x-csrftokenAuthorization option, required for parsing comments.
x-ig-app-idAuthorization option, required for parsing comments.