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Rank::Social::Signal - scraper of social signals: likes, comments, reposts


OverviewRank::Social::SignalRank::Social::Signal – is a scraper of social signals. It collects the number of Pinterest likes and the number of reposts on

The functionality of A-Parser allows you to save the scraping settings of the Rank::Social::Signal scraper for further use (presets), set a scraping schedule, and much more.

Saving results is possible in the form and structure that you need, thanks to the built-in powerful template engine Template Toolkit which allows you to apply additional logic to the results and output data in various formats, including JSON, SQL, and CSV.

Collected data

  • The number of likes on the social service
  • The number of reposts on the social network


  • Counting the number of likes on
  • Counting the number of reposts on


As queries, you need to specify a link to the article, for example:

Output results examples

A-Parser supports flexible formatting of results thanks to the built-in template engine Template Toolkit, which allows it to output results in an arbitrary form, as well as in a structured one, for example, CSV or JSON

Default output

Result format:

$query\npinterest_like: $pinterest_like\nvk_share: $vk_share\n

Example of result:  
pinterest_like: 0
vk_share: 0

Saving in SQL format

Result format:

[% "INSERT INTO social_signal VALUES('" _ query _ "', '" _ pinterest_like _ "', '" _ vk_share _ "')\n" %]

Example of result:

INSERT INTO archive VALUES('', 0, 0)

Dump results to JSON

Общий формат результата:

[% IF notFirst;
notFirst = 1;

obj = {};
obj.query = query;
obj.pinterest_like = p1.pinterest_like;
obj.vk_share = p1.vk_share;

obj.json %]

Начальный текст:


Конечный текст:


Example of result:


To make the "Start text" and "End text" options available in the Task Editor, you need to activate "More options".

Possible settings