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Shop::Wildberries::ProductInfo - Wildberries product page scraper


Scraper Overview

By using the Wildberries product scraper, you can obtain data about products from a list of links to these products' pages.

A-Parser functionality allows you to save parsing settings for further use (presets), set parsing schedules, and much more. You can use automatic query multiplication, substitution of subqueries from files, iteration of alphanumeric combinations and lists to obtain the maximum possible amount of results.

Collected Data


  • Product name
  • Category
  • Brand
  • Article number
  • Number of comments
  • Rating
  • Seller's name
  • Seller's link
  • Seller's TIN
  • Seller's trademark
  • Seller's address
  • Seller's OGRN
  • Discounted price
  • Price
  • Product description
  • Country of origin
  • Number of sold items
  • Number of available items
  • Links to product photos
  • "People also searched for" tags
  • Price history:
    • Date
    • Price

Use Cases

  • Tracking price and popularity dynamics of products
  • Assessing product popularity
  • Collecting all product images


You should specify links to products as queries, for example:

Query Substitutions

You can use built-in macros for query substitutions. For example, if we want the scraper to automatically substitute the article number from 1 to 100,000 in the product link. We can apply the {num:START:END} macro. We will specify a link to any product as a query and instead of the article number, we will use the macro:{num:1:100000}/detail.aspx

This method allows for easy and automatic scraping of wildberries products even without knowing their article numbers. A-Parser will substitute the numbers in order, visit the page, and collect the data if it exists.

Possible Settings

ParameterDefault ValueDescription
AddressPickup point address
LongitudePickup point longitude
LatitudePickup point latitude

By default, Wildberries displays results for Moscow. The scraper allows you to specify a pickup point, and the list of results will be tied to a specific location. To do this, you need to override 3 parameters: Address, Longitude, and Latitude. You can obtain the necessary values for these parameters in the browser:

1. Select the required pickup point, previously opening the Developer Tools (F12 in Chrome)


2. In the Developer Tools, on the Network tab, find the saveprefereduserloc request and see the necessary data in the request body


3. Copy them exactly into the scraper settings