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Rank::Curlie - checking website presence in the Curlie directory (DMOZ analogue)

Curlie Parser Overview


Curlie is the largest and most comprehensive human-edited directory on the web. It is created and maintained by a vast community of volunteer editors from around the world. Formerly known as DMOZ and Open Directory Project (ODP).

Results can be saved in the format and structure that you need, thanks to the built-in powerful Template Toolkit that allows you to apply additional logic to the results and output data in various formats, including JSON, SQL, and CSV.

Data Collected

Data is collected from the service.

  • Finding a website in the Curlie directory (DMOZ analogue)

Use Cases

  • Checking website presence in the directory


  • The list of domains must be specified as queries, for example:


  • The result displays the domain and its presence (1) or absence (0) in the directory:  : 1 : 1 0 : 1 : 1

Output Options

CSV Output

Result format:

[% tools.CSVline(query, exists) %]

Example of the result:

"  ",1
" ",1
" ",1
" ",1,0

Possible Settings