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SE::Yandex::Balaboba - Balaboba text parser


SE::Yandex::Balaboba parser overview

SE::Yandex::BalabobaSE::Yandex::Balaboba is a parser for texts generated from Balaboba.

It collects texts from the Balaboba service.

You can use automatic query multiplication, substitution of subqueries from files, enumeration of alphanumeric combinations and lists to get the maximum possible number of results.

The A-Parser functionality allows you to save parsing settings for the SE::Yandex::Balaboba parser for further use (presets), set a parsing schedule, and much more.

Results can be saved in the format and structure that you need, thanks to the built-in powerful Template Toolkit template engine, which allows you to apply additional logic to the results and output data in various formats, including JSON, SQL, and CSV.

List of collected data

  • Generated text
  • Style by which the text was generated
  • Link to the image


  • Parse unique texts with the ability to choose the text style (Style): Recipes (RU), Short stories (RU), Recipies (EN), and others
  • Choose the style number that can be seen in the browser and parse the text with the desired style if it is not in the style selection option (ID of custom style)

Use cases

  • Mass collection of unique texts

Query examples

As queries, you need to specify phrases from which generation will begin, for example:

Жили были

As a result, the generated text will be displayed. Example of the result:

Без стиля (RU): Жили были три поросенка, три брата.
И у каждого из них был дом.
Это были очень дружные поросята.
Они помогали друг другу во всем, а если что-нибудь случалось с одним из них, то другой брат всегда приходил на помощь.
Однажды пошел сильный снег, и братья решили спрятаться от него в своих домах.
Но тут из-за угла вышел серый волк.
Он был голоден и увидел, что в домах не было дверей.
Тогда волк решил зайти в первый дом и съесть поросенка.
Волк быстро открыл дверь и заглянул туда.

Query substitutions

You can use built-in macros for automatic substitution of subqueries from files. For example, if we want to add a list of other words to each query, we will specify several main queries:

Жили были
Tower defense

In the query format, we will specify a macro for substituting additional words from the keywords.txt file. This method allows you to increase the variability of queries many times over:

{subs:keywords} $query 

This macro will create as many additional queries as there are in the file for each original search query, which in total will give [number of source queries] x [number of queries in the Keywords file] = [total number of queries] as a result of the macro's operation.

For example, if the keywords.txt file contains:


As a result, the substitution macro will turn 3 main queries into 6:

free fantasy
online fantasy
free tower defense
online tower defense
free rpg
online rpg

Result output options

A-Parser supports flexible result formatting thanks to the built-in Template Toolkit template engine, which allows it to output results in any form, as well as in a structured form, such as CSV or JSON.

Possible settings

ParameterDefault valueDescription
StyleRandom (All languages)Text style selection
ID of custom styleSet the style number for text generation
Repeat if Balaboba reports about errorRetry parsing attempts if Balaboba shows an error message
Repeat if Balaboba reports about bad queryRetry parsing attempts if Balaboba shows a message due to an incorrect query