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Util::RotateCaptcha - captcha recognition through supported services

Overview of the scraper


This scraper is usually used as a plug-in component in other scrapers, where it may be necessary to decipher captchas in the form of images and the response to which should be the number of degrees to rotate the image.

The principle of this scraper is to send the captcha image to the deciphering service and receive the number of degrees to rotate the image in response. The accuracy of deciphering depends exclusively on the deciphering service.

Use cases for the scraper


  • Working with RuCaptcha and 2captcha is supported
  • Ability to configure the response waiting time

Usage scenarios

  • Recognizing RotateCaptcha in your own JS scrapers


As queries, you need to specify a link to the captcha image, for example:

Output results examples

  • $resp - captcha response (the number of degrees to rotate the image)
  • $error - if an error occurred, then its description

Output of the recognized text

Result format:


Example of the result:


Possible settings

ParameterDefault valueDescription
ProviderRuCaptchaChoice of deciphering service, automatically inserts the correct address (url) of the service
Provider urlDeciphering service domain, allows to override the service domain, can be empty
Client keyAccess key to the service
Wait between get status5Delay between polls of the deciphering service about the status of the captcha
Max wait time300Maximum waiting time for the recognized captcha
Log captcha imagesControl the output of captcha images in the log
Angle of rotation per step in degrees5Angle of rotation per step in degrees