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SE::Yandex::Images - Yandex Images scraper

Yandex Images

Scraper Overview

The Yandex search results images scraper. Thanks to the SE::Yandex::Images scraper, you can get databases of image links or images ready for further use. You can use queries in the same way as you enter them in the Yandex search bar.

The A-Parser functionality allows you to save the parsing settings of the Yandex scraper for further use (presets), set up a parsing schedule, and much more. You can use automatic query replication, substitution of subqueries from files, enumeration of alphanumeric combinations and lists to obtain the maximum possible number of results.

Saving results is possible in the form and structure you need, thanks to the built-in powerful templating engine Template Toolkit which allows applying additional logic to the results and outputting data in various formats, including JSON, SQL, and CSV.

Scraper Use Cases

A-Parser allows using a chain of tasks, upon completion of the first one, the second one will start execution, and the links from the first one will be used as queries for the second task.

Download example

How to import the example into A-Parser


Collected Data

  • Links to the image
  • Links to the image page
  • Snippets
  • Anchors
  • Image width and height
  • Links to previews
Collected data


  • Support for all filters (size, orientation, type, color, file type...)
  • Ability to set up safe search
  • Ability to use Anti-gate

Use Cases

  • Collecting images to fill your blogs, tubes, doorways...
  • Collecting avatar databases


Queries should be specified as search phrases, for example:

Speak in english

Query Substitutions

You can use built-in macros to expand queries, for example, if we want to get a very large database of forums, we will specify several main queries in different languages:


In the query format, we will specify the enumeration of characters from a to zzzz, this method allows rotating the search results to the maximum and obtaining many new unique results:

$query {az:a:zzzz}

This macro will create 475254 additional queries for each original search query, which in total will give 4 x 475254 = 1901016 search queries, an impressive number, but it's not a problem for A-Parser. At a speed of 2000 requests per minute, this task will be processed in just 16 hours.

Output Results Examples

A-Parser supports flexible formatting of results thanks to the built-in templating engine Template Toolkit, which allows it to output results in any form, as well as in a structured form, for example CSV or JSON.

Default Output

Result format:


Example result:

Output in CSV Table

Result format:

[% FOREACH item IN serp;
tools.CSVline(query,, item.width, item.height,, item.thumb);
END %]

Example of the result:

cats,,4751,3984,,"Mongrel <b>cat</b> image.",
cats,,1024,768,,"<b>Cats</b> images Kitten Wallpaper (1024x768) wallpaper photos (12251034) .",
cats,,5110,3400,,"Images Kittens <b>Cats</b> White Grass Animals 5110x3400 kitty <b>cat</b> <b>cat</b> animal . ",
cats,,2560,1600,,"Download Wallpaper <b>cat</b>, grass, whiskers, rest, wild <b>cat</b>, light, fauna, mamm...",
cats,[].jpg,2000,1333,,"животные, коты ",
cats,,2560,1706,,"Images <b>Cats</b> Glance animal <b>cat</b> Staring Animals.",
cats,,1600,1200,,"Find more Cute Kittens images Damn cute <b>cats</b> wallpaper photos. ",
cats,,2560,1600,,"cuddle, <b>Cat</b> Wallpapers HD / Desktop and Mobile Backgrounds.",
cats,!d,1200,797,,"<b>cat</b>, whiskers, mammal, small to medium sized <b>cats</b>, felidae, nose, face",
cats,$_57.JPG?set_id=8800005007,1562,1160,,"4Pack <b>Cat</b> <b>Cats</b> Kitten Kittens Spring Stationery Greeting Notecards...",
cats,,1920,1200,,"<b>cats</b> animals pets wallpaper.",
cats,,2048,1365,,"kitten <b>cat</b> baby cute wallpaper.",
cats,,1600,1200,,"<b>Cats</b>_and_you on Twitter.",

Saving in SQL format

Result format:

[%  FOREACH serp;   "INSERT INTO serp VALUES('" _ query _ "', '"; link _ "', '";  pagelink _ "', '";    thumb _ "')\n"; END  %]

Result example:

INSERT INTO serp VALUES('cats', '', '', '')
INSERT INTO serp VALUES('cats', '', '', '')
INSERT INTO serp VALUES('cats', '', '', '')
INSERT INTO serp VALUES('cats', '[].jpg', '', '')
INSERT INTO serp VALUES('cats', '', '', '')
INSERT INTO serp VALUES('cats', '', '', '

Dump results to JSON

Общий формат результата:

[% IF notFirst;
notFirst = 1;

obj = {};
obj.query = query;
obj.images = [];

FOREACH item IN p1.serp;
width = item.width
height = item.height
link =
pagelink = item.pagelink
thumb = item.thumb

obj.json %]

Начальный текст:


Конечный текст:


Result example:

"images": [
"link": "",
"width": 4751,
"page": "",
"thumb": "",
"height": 3984
"link": "",
"width": 5110,
"page": "",
"thumb": "",
"height": 3400
"link": "",
"width": 1024,
"page": "",
"thumb": "",
"height": 768

"query": "cats"

To make the options "Initial text" and "Final text" available in the Task Editor, you need to activate "More options".

Possible settings

ParameterDefault valueDescription
AntiGate presetdefaultSelection of the preset Util::AntiGateUtil::AntiGate, more details about the settings here
AntiGate preset for old captchadefaultSimilar to AntiGate preset, but used only for regular (old, single-image) captchas. If no preset is selected here, the preset selected in AntiGate preset will be used for such captchas.
Auto-Solve ClickCaptchaAutomatic solving of click captchas (without using services)
Experimental img captcha max count1Maximum number of additional captcha images per attempt
Pages count10Number of pages for scraping
Image sizeAnyImage size
Image typeAnyImage type
Image colorAnyImage color
File typeAnyImage file type
CommercialShow only paid images (Products)
RecentAnyShow all or only fresh images
Security levelModerateSafe search level