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Rank::MOZ - Parsing domain parameters through MOZ


Rank::MOZ parser overview

Rank::MOZRank::MOZ - parser of data with MOZ. Automatically collects domain authority, related domains, keyword rating, spam score, and all other available MOZ metrics.

A-Parser functionality allows you to save Rank::MOZ parser parsing settings for further use (presets), set up a parsing schedule, and much more.

Saving results is possible in the format and structure that you need, thanks to the built-in powerful Template Toolkit template engine, which allows you to apply additional logic to the results and output data in various formats, including JSON, SQL, and CSV.

List of collected data

  • Domain Authority
  • Linking Root Domains
  • Ranking Keywords
  • Spam Score
  • Top Pages by Links
  • Top Linking Domains
  • Discovered and Lost Linking Domains
  • Keywords by Estimated Clicks
  • Top Ranking Keywords
  • Top Featured Snippets
  • Branded Keywords
  • Keyword Ranking Distribution
  • Top Search Competitors
  • Top Questions

In other words, all the information contained on the page.

Query examples

The query should specify the domain, for example:

Example result: - Domain Authority: 23, Linking Root Domains: 1.5k

Result output options

A-Parser supports flexible result formatting thanks to the built-in Template Toolkit template engine, which allows it to output results in any form, as well as in structured form, such as CSV or JSON.

Saving in SQL format

Result format:

[% "INSERT INTO moz VALUES('" _ query _ "', '" _ p1.authority _ "', '" _ p1.linking _ "')\n" %]

Example result:

INSERT INTO moz VALUES('', 22, '1.4k')

Dumping results in JSON

Result format:

[% data = {}; 
data.query = query;
data.authority = authority;
data.linking = p1.linking; %]$data.json\n

Example result:


Possible settings