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Rank::Mustat - Website traffic estimation, domain cost and rating

Mustat parser overview


Mustat parser allows you to get an estimate of website traffic, as well as domain cost and rating.

Results can be saved in the format and structure that you need, thanks to the built-in powerful Template Toolkit template engine that allows you to apply additional logic to the results and output data in various formats, including JSON, SQL, and CSV.

Collected data

  • Number of website visitors per day
  • Website cost in USD
  • Domain rating

Use cases

  • Estimation of traffic on a domain
  • Obtaining summary information about a domain


  • The query should specify the domain of the desired website, for example:


  • As a result, the website, number of visitors, cost, and rating are displayed: - traffic: 82823958, worth: 17004793863, rating: 100 - traffic: 3232, worth: 3539, rating: 23 - traffic: 7938563, worth: 814943106, rating: 100 - traffic: 160439571, worth: 32940249406, rating: 100 - traffic: 103246297, worth: 12365357286, rating: 100

Output of all data

Result format:

$query: $traffic, $trafficWeek, $trafficMonth, $trafficYear, $worth, $rating\n

Result format for CSV:

[% tools.CSVline(query, traffic, trafficWeek, trafficMonth, trafficYear, worth, rating) %]

Example result: 3232, 22624, 100192, 1179680, 3539, 30

Result format in JSON:

[% data = {}; data.query = query; data.traffic = traffic;  data.trafficWeek = trafficWeek; data.trafficMonth = trafficMonth; data.trafficYear = trafficYear; data.worth = worth; data.rating = rating; data.json; %]

Example result:


Possible settings