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Rank::Ahrefs::TrafficChecker - Ahrefs Website Traffic Checker Parser


Rank::Ahrefs::TrafficCheckerRank::Ahrefs::TrafficChecker - this parser collects website traffic volume, its cost, traffic history for the last six months, as well as top 5 keywords, top 5 pages, and top 5 countries with the highest traffic.

Data is collected from the page.

To work, it requires the connection of the captcha solving service Util::TurnstileUtil::Turnstile.

List of collected data

  • Traffic volume and its cost
  • Traffic history for the last 6 months
  • Top 5 keywords with the highest traffic
  • Top 5 pages with the highest traffic
  • Top 5 countries with the highest traffic

Data collected by Rank::Ahrefs::TrafficChecker parser


  • Automatic work with proxies
  • Choice of request type

Use cases

  • Estimation of website traffic and/or its dynamics
  • Determination of pages with the highest traffic
  • Determination of countries with the highest traffic

Query examples

Domains should be specified as queries, for example:

Output options

A-Parser supports flexible formatting of results thanks to the built-in Template Toolkit template engine, which allows it to output results in any form, as well as in a structured form, for example, CSV or JSON.

Output of traffic volume and its cost

Result format:

$query: $traffic, $cost\n

Example result:

By default, the request, a colon separator, and the requested values will be displayed in the result. 3134, 98.23 573, 355.11

Output of top 5 countries and their share of total traffic in CSV table

The built-in tools.CSVLine utility allows you to create correct tabular documents ready for import into Excel or Google Sheets.

Result format:

[% FOREACH item IN p1.countries;
tools.CSVline(query,, item.share);
END %]

File name:


Initial text:


Example result:


Download example

How to import the example into A-Parser



The Template Toolkit template engine is used in the Result format to output the countries array in a FOREACH loop.
What is the result format.

In the results file name, simply change the file extension to csv.

To make the "Initial text" option available in the Task Editor, you need to activate "More options". In "Initial text", we write the column names separated by commas, and make the second row empty.

Possible settings

ParameterDefault valueDescription
Util::Turnstile presetdefaultSelect the Util::TurnstileUtil::Turnstile preset for bypassing captchas. You need to configure the Util::TurnstileUtil::Turnstile parser in advance - specify your access key and other parameters, and then select the created preset here.
Turnstile pass proxyPassing a proxy to the solving service. More information here.
ModeSubdomainsSelect the request type.