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GooglePlay::Apps - Google Play Apps Parser


GooglePlay::Apps Parser Overview

GooglePlay::AppsGooglePlay::Apps - parses data about applications from Google Play. Automated collection of all data: name, rating, author, description, link to the application and price.

You can use automatic query replication, substitution of subqueries from files, enumeration of alphanumeric combinations and lists to get the maximum possible number of results. Using results filtering, you can immediately clean up the result by removing all unnecessary garbage (using minus-words).

The A-Parser functionality allows you to save the parsing settings of the GooglePlay::Apps parser for further use (presets), set a parsing schedule, and much more.

Saving results is possible in the form and structure that you need, thanks to the built-in powerful Template Toolkit template engine, which allows you to apply additional logic to the results and output data in various formats, including JSON, SQL and CSV.

GooglePlay::Apps Parser Use Cases

Parsing discounted apps

Searching for discounted apps in Google Play and saving the collected data to a database

Google Play suggestions

Google Play store suggestions parser

List of collected data

GooglePlay::Apps Collected Data

Data is collected from

  • Name
  • Rating
  • Description
  • Link to the application
  • Price
  • Number of downloads
  • Application genre

Example result:

Heart Rate Monitor (4.5, Meet Your Need Production): Most Precise Heart Rate Monitor Ever + Unlimited Measurements and Records. (, free)  
Instant Heart Rate : Heart Rate & Pulse Monitor (4.3, Azumio Inc.): Best way to track heart rate, health, fitness, workout, cardio, stress, training (, free)
Pulse - Heart Rate Monitor (4.3, Ahmerov Vadim): Get your heart rate in seconds! The Best way to measure your heart rate. (, free)
Heart Rate Monitor (4.5, REPS): The simplest yet the most accurate app to monitor your heart rate! (, free)
Cardiograph - Heart Rate Meter (3.8, MacroPinch): How fast is your heart beating? Measure your pulse. (, free)
iCare Health Monitor (BP & HR) (4.6, iCare Fit Studio): Measure blood pressure,heart rate,vision,hearing,SpO2,breath rate by the phone (, free)


  • Selection of the country from which the search is carried out
  • Selection of the language of the result page
  • Search by price (Free or Paid)
  • Search by rating (All or above 4+)

Usage options

  • Parsing data about applications from Google Play

Query examples

As queries, you need to specify phrases for which the search will be performed in GooglePlay, for example:


Query substitutions

You can use built-in macros to automatically substitute subqueries from files, for example, we want to add some list of other words to each query, we will specify several main queries:

tower defense

In the query format, we specify a macro for substituting additional words from the keywords.txt file, this method allows you to increase the variability of queries many times over:

{subs:keywords} $query 

This macro will create as many additional queries as there are in the file for each original search query, which in total will give [number of original queries] x [number of queries in the Keywords file] = [total number of queries] as a result of the macro operation.

For example, if the keywords.txt file contains:


In the end, the substitution macro will turn 3 main queries into 6:

free fantasy
online fantasy
free tower defense
online tower defense
free rpg
online rpg

Result output options

A-Parser supports flexible result formatting thanks to the built-in Template Toolkit template engine, which allows it to output results in any form, as well as in a structured form, for example, CSV or JSON.

Output to CSV table

General result format:

[% FOREACH i IN p1.serp; 
tools.CSVline(, i.rating,, i.price);
END; %]

File name:


Initial text:


The Template Toolkit template engine is used in the General Result Format to output the serp array in a FOREACH loop.
What is the general result format.

In the results file name, simply change the file extension to csv.

To make the "Initial text" option available in the Task Editor, you need to activate "More options". In the "Initial text" field, enter the column names separated by commas and make the second row empty.

Saving in SQL format

Result format:

[% FOREACH serp;
"INSERT INTO serp VALUES('" _ name _ "', '" _ rating _ "', '" _ author _ "')\n";
END; %]

Example result:

INSERT INTO serp VALUES('Internet Speed Test-FiberTest for Android Smart TV', '3.9', 'RedMango Analytics PVT LTD')
INSERT INTO serp VALUES('Phone Check and Test', '4.6', 'inPocket Software')
INSERT INTO serp VALUES('Speedtest by Ookla', '4.3', 'Ookla')
INSERT INTO serp VALUES('Expert Speed Test WiFi Analyzer - analiti', '4.6', 'analiti Experts Group')
INSERT INTO serp VALUES('Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles', '4.6', 'Unico Studio')
INSERT INTO serp VALUES('Love Test Calculator - Compatibility Tester Prank', '3.8', 'DH3 Games')
INSERT INTO serp VALUES('FAST Speed Test', '4.3', 'Netflix, Inc.')
INSERT INTO serp VALUES('DMV WRITTEN TEST: Free DMV Tests for All 50 States', '4.7', 'DMV Written Test')
INSERT INTO serp VALUES('Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories', '4.6', 'Unico Studio')
INSERT INTO serp VALUES('Internet speed test Meter- SpeedTest Master', '4.9', 'Test speed internet & Net meter')
INSERT INTO serp VALUES('Test Your Android - Hardware Testing & Utilities', '4.2', 'Hibernate')
INSERT INTO serp VALUES('Stupid Test - How Smart Are You?', '3.6', 'DH3 Games')
INSERT INTO serp VALUES('love test', '4.1', 'MobilPlug')
INSERT INTO serp VALUES('Personality Trait Test', '4.2', 'Aaditya Prakash')
INSERT INTO serp VALUES('Aptitude test. Personality test games', '4.2', 'iq test')
INSERT INTO serp VALUES('What animal are you? Test', '3.5', 'Hemisoft')
INSERT INTO serp VALUES('Lie Detector Face Test Simulator Prank', '3.9', 'Droidheads')
INSERT INTO serp VALUES('BFF Friendship Test', '4.1', 'DH3 Games')
INSERT INTO serp VALUES('IQ and Aptitude Test Practice', '4.0', 'LangiS')
INSERT INTO serp VALUES('FCC Speed Test', '3.3', 'FCCAPPs')
INSERT INTO serp VALUES('40+ Psychological Tests', '4.4', 'MuraDev')
INSERT INTO serp VALUES('G1 Test Genie: Drivers Test Practice Ontario 2021', '4.5', 'Elegant E-Learning')
INSERT INTO serp VALUES('Brain test - psychological and iq test', '4.4', 'iq test')

Dumping results to JSON

Result format:

[% data = [];
FOREACH p1.serp;
item = {}; = name; = author;
item.rating = rating;
item.price = price;
END; %]$data.json\n

Example result:

[{"name":"Internet Speed Test-FiberTest for Android Smart TV","price":"free","author":"RedMango Analytics PVT LTD","rating":"3.9"},{"name":"Phone Check and Test","price":"free","author":"inPocket Software","rating":"4.6"},{"name":"Speedtest by Ookla","price":"free","author":"Ookla","rating":"4.3"},{"name":"Expert Speed Test WiFi Analyzer - analiti","price":"free","author":"analiti Experts Group","rating":"4.6"},{"name":"Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles","price":"free","author":"Unico Studio","rating":"4.6"},{"name":"Love Test Calculator - Compatibility Tester Prank","price":"free","author":"DH3 Games","rating":"3.8"},{"name":"FAST Speed Test","price":"free","author":"Netflix, Inc.","rating":"4.3"},{"name":"DMV WRITTEN TEST: Free DMV Tests for All 50 States","price":"free","author":"DMV Written Test","rating":"4.7"},{"name":"Internet speed test Meter- SpeedTest Master","price":"free","author":"Test speed internet & Net meter","rating":"4.9"},{"name":"Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories","price":"free","author":"Unico Studio","rating":"4.6"},{"name":"Stupid Test - How Smart Are You?","price":"free","author":"DH3 Games","rating":"3.6"}]

Possible settings

ParameterDefault valueDescription
CountryUnited StatesSelection of the country from which the search is carried out.
LanguageEnglishSelection of the language of the result page.
PricesAllSelection of results by price (Free or Paid).
RatingsAllSelection of results by rating.