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Util::ReCaptcha3 - Google ReCaptcha v3 recognition

Util::ReCaptcha3 parser overview

This parser is designed to be used as a connectable component in other parsers where it may be necessary to solve Google ReCaptcha v3.

The principle of this parser is to send reCAPTCHA data (which is always sitekey and the URL of the page where the reCAPTCHA was obtained) to the recognition service and receive a token in response, consisting of numbers and letters. The correctness of recognition depends only on the recognition service, which usually solves reCAPTCHAs correctly.


  • Supports working with such services: AntiCaptcha, RuCaptcha, 2captcha, XEvil, CapMonster,, CapSolver,
  • Ability to adjust response waiting time and status check delay

Use cases

  • Recognition of Google ReCaptcha v3 in built-in parsers, where it is optional or mandatory to solve captchas to obtain results
  • Recognition of Google ReCaptcha v3 in your own JS parsers


The parser accepts requests in the following format:

  • sitekey url

Parameters are separated by a space and mean:

  • sitekey - this is the sitekey of the reCAPTCHA, in some services it is called websitekey. As a rule, sitekey needs to be obtained from the page code and is usually located in the URL of the connected script:

Also, sitekey in the page code can be specified as an argument of the function:

grecaptcha.execute(SITEKEY, {action:'verify'}).
  • url - the page where the reCAPTCHA is located


As a result, the reCAPTCHA token will be output:


Possible results

  • $resp - reCAPTCHA response
  • $error - if an error occurred, its description

Possible settings

The Provider parameter is used to select the recognition service to be used.

For online recognition services (AntiCaptcha, RuCaptcha, 2captcha,, CapSolver,, the Client key parameter must be set.

ParameterDefault valueDescription
Client key-Client key for online recognition services
Provider url-Provider URL, allows you to override the domain. You can specify several separated by commas, the parser will use each of them in random order. It can be empty, the parser automatically uses the necessary one depending on the selected recognition service
ProviderAntiCaptchaRecognition service
Wait between get status5Delay between receiving status
Max wait time300Maximum recognition waiting time
minScore0.3Minimum confidence level in the result. Experimentally selected for each individual site. When accessing the recognition service, it determines the filter by which a worker with the required minimum score is selected
pageAction-The value of the action parameter that is passed to Google and which the site owner then sees when checking the token. As a rule, it is specified as an argument of the function: grecaptcha.execute('sitekey', {action:'ACTION VALUE'})
isEnterpriseIndicates to the recognition service that this reCAPTCHA needs to be solved as Recaptcha Enterprise V3. Does not work in all recognition services