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1.1.899 - automatic recognition of Yandex Captcha and the new Google mobile parser

Discussion in 'News' started by Support Денис, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. Support Денис

    Support Денис A-Parser Enterprise License
    A-Parser Enterprise

    Jun 12, 2017
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    • In SE::Yandex SE::Yandex added automatic recognition of the new Yandex captcha, without using antigate, which increased the parsing speed of Yandex
    • Added parser SE::Google::Mobile SE::Google::Mobile the parser of the mobile and modern release desktop (mode is switched in settings)
    • In the parser SE::Google::Translate SE::Google::Translate language names are now listed in English
    • In the parcer the ability to specify the domain of the Amazon
    • Added the ability to skip saving to a file by specifying a blank file name in the template
    • Improved viewing of HTML code in debug mode - disabled the ability to restart the parser interface
    Corrections due to changes in the issuance of:
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