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1.1.743 - fixed parser of Yandex, many fixes in the JavaScript parsers

Discussion in 'News' started by Support, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. Support

    Support Administrator
    Staff Member A-Parser Enterprise

    Mar 16, 2012
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    In the version 1.1.743 released many fixes for JavaScript parser, and also added new examples: definition page language through Yandex translator and collecting texts for the keyword by one task (choice via Google or Yandex)

    • In JavaScript parsers added the ability to create new queries (this.query.add)
    • In parser SE::Yahoo SE::Yahoo now detected proxy ban by IP
    • Added parametr that allow A-Parser work with files of queries and results outside the working directory
    Corrections due to changes in the output of services
    • Fixed options Max threads per proxy (the maximum number of threads per proxy)
    • In parser HTML::LinkExtractor HTML::LinkExtractor fixed parsing of links with a fragment (#)
    Fixes in JavaScript parsers
    • Settings of checkbox perceived incorrectly
    • Fixed a bug in this.cookies.setAll
    • In the interface does not displayed the changed settings of config
    • Fixed memory leaks
    • Fixed ignoring of the parameter success
    • Fixed behavior when using the Override settings
    • Fixed error when receiving results from another parser

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