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1.1.500 - use of different sources of proxies in different tasks and parsers

Discussion in 'News' started by Support, May 2, 2016.

  1. Support

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    Mar 16, 2012
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    In this version, great work has been done to improve the checking proxies and adding the possibility of using different sources of proxies:
    • Now you can run multiple proxies checker, each supporting its own settings and its own working directory with the ability to specify different sources of proxies
    • In the task settings, it is possible to specify a proxy from any checker should be used (a choice between all or specific listing)
    • Moreover in one task each parser may use various sources of proxies
    • Added a graph of live proxies and statistics of sources processing
    • Decreased memory usage with a large number of live proxies
    • In API now possible to get a list of all the living proxies and proxy list for a specific proxy checker
    Thanks to these innovations, have an opportunity of the separately work with different proxy servers, with some proxy suitable for parsing sites, the other is better for parsing of search engines, while others can be "sharpened" under a certain service

    Other enhancements:
    • For parser Rank::CMS Rank::CMS added option of emulation of browser, it is enabled by default and increases the percentage of recognition of many CMS
    • In the Task editor, have an opportunity to minimize parsers, that allows you to work more conveniently with large tasks
    Corrections due to changes in the output of services:
    The sad news is touched SE::Google::pR SE::Google::pR - Google stopped displaying PageRank for the site, but we have in the arsenal is a set of parsers for a much more accurate estimate of the domain rating!
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