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npm Modules

A-Parser uses NodeJS and supports any modules from the Node Package Manager: example output

Installing Modules

A-Parser uses the files/node_modules directory for all additional modules, so installation should be done from the files/ directory:


For Windows, we recommend using the Git Bash terminal because the built-in cmd.exe and PowerShell in Windows have many compatibility issues.

export PATH=$PWD/dist/nodejs/:$PATH
cd files/
npm install md5


export PATH=$PWD/dist/nodejs/bin/:$PATH
cd files/
npm install md5


docker run --rm -v $(PWD)/aparser:/app aparser/runtime sh -c 'export PATH=$PWD/dist/nodejs/bin/:$PATH && cd files && npm install re2'

Note that A-Parser includes NodeJS and the npm package manager in its distribution, so no additional installation is required.

A-Parser also includes pre-installed modules in the distribution (dist/nodejs/node_modules):

  • puppeteer
  • puppeteer-extra
  • lodash
  • re2
  • async-redis
  • async-mutex
  • typescript