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1.2.0 - updated interface and many improvements

Discussion in 'News' started by Support Денис, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. Support Денис

    Support Денис A-Parser Enterprise License
    A-Parser Enterprise

    Jun 12, 2017
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    We are pleased to present the release of A-Parser 1.2.0 - the result of almost two-month development on the beta channel!
    Completely updated interface, reworked a number of parsers, implemented many different improvements.

    New parsers
    • SE::Google::Modern SE::Google::Modern - now an old, new and mobile issue in one parser, as well as support for working with captchas and recaptchas
    • Util::ReCaptcha2 Util::ReCaptcha2 - recognition of Google ReCaptcha2 through popular services (anti-captcha, rucaptcha, capmonster, and in the near future and xevil)
    • Completely updated interface
    • Added status bar, which displays
      • parser status
      • number of running and all tasks
      • number of live and downloaded proxies
      • number of threads involved
    • Completely changed the selection of the queries files. Now you can easily select multiple files, as well as entire folders
    • Implemented the ability to receive JSON for the API directly in the Task Editor
    • Added search in all lists
    • Added the possibility of minimizing the menu to increase the working area
    • In the Test parsing, a new quick settings area is added: disabling the autoscrol and enabling the debug mode
    • Added a warning about the risk of wiping the config when updating through the interface
    • Added the ability to enable the formatting of large numbers
    • JS parsers: added the use_proxy option for this.request, which allows you to override the use of a proxy for a single request inside JS parser on top of the global parameter Use proxy
    • JS parsers: this.util is renamed to this.utils and new functions are added
    • JS parsers: added grouping in the list of parsers
    • The application icon has been changed, as well as the icons of some parsers
    • Fixed a situation where the query formats from the previous open task remained
    • Fixed translation of queries with quotes in SE::Yandex::Translate SE::Yandex::Translate
    • Fixed bug with saving of unique variables in some cases
    • Fixed bug in SE::Google SE::Google when working with old captcha
    • Fixed bug when opening the log (appeared in one of the previous versions)
    • Fixed a bug when deleting tasks (appeared in one of the previous versions)
    Corrections due to changes in the issuance
    There are still a lot of plans ahead of us, so stay with us and watch the news!

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