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1.2.31 - x64 for Windows, update JS engine, improve work with saved tasks

Discussion in 'News' started by Support Денис, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Support Денис

    Support Денис A-Parser Enterprise License
    A-Parser Enterprise

    Jun 12, 2017
    Likes Received:
    • We started the release of 64-bit assemblies for Windows
    • The interface for selecting saved tasks has been redesigned, now presets can be sorted by folders of any nesting
    • Implemented "lazy" loading of saved presets
    • In 64-bit windows/linux versions the JavaScript engine V8 has been updated to version 6.3
    • SE::Bing::Translator SE::Bing::Translator completely rewritten, fixed the problem when the text with html tags and double quotes was not translated, and also large texts are translated now
    • Added autocompletion Provider url for CapMonster in Util::ReCaptcha2 Util::ReCaptcha2
    • Added the ability to parse Cloudflare protected e-mails in HTML::EmailExtractor HTML::EmailExtractor
    • Added sorting of JS parsers inside folders
    • Notification of the new version is transferred to the statusbar
    • Improved smoothness when viewing logs in Test parsing
    Corrections due to changes in the issuance
    • Fixed a bug where the antigate preset list was not updated after creating a new one
    • Fixed parser crashes when using a removed antigate preset
    • Fixed API work when calling a saved task
    • Fixed bug with $followlinks in HTML::LinkExtractor HTML::LinkExtractor
    • Fixed encoding detection on some sites
    • Fixed the calculation of failed queries in some cases
    • Fixed bug with Custom template in filters
    • Fixed work of the Update button in the logs
    • Fixed error Can not call method "Parse::HTML::Util::urlFromHTML", which appeared in one of the previous versions
    • Fixed crashes when using unique in some cases
    • Fixed checking for updates after changing the channel

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