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1.2.50 - stability improvement, support for Xevil and many fixes in standard parsers

Discussion in 'News' started by Support Денис, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. Support Денис

    Support Денис A-Parser Enterprise License
    A-Parser Enterprise

    Jun 12, 2017
    Likes Received:
    • Reducing memory consumption and improving the stability of x64 versions
    • Added support for 2captcha and Xevil in Util::ReCaptcha2 Util::ReCaptcha2
    • Added Parse all results and Parse related to level for SE::Bing SE::Bing
    • In SE::Bing SE::Bing added the ability to set Safe Search, and also added a repeat request when receiving a cached "short" output
    • In SE::Yandex::Translate SE::Yandex::Translate the bypass of the restriction on the number of characters in the request is added, which allows you to translate very large queries (>10k characters)
    • SE::Google::Modern SE::Google::Modern added the ability to set the automatic detection of the interface language depending on the IP
    • The V8 engine has been updated to version 6.4
    Corrections due to changes in the issuance
    • Fixed the work of SE::Bing SE::Bing:
      • fixed the situation, when the same results was issued for all pages
      • corrected the work of parameter Links per page
      • corrected parsing the number of results in some cases
      • fixed a bug where there were no results, if in the issuance only one link
    • Fixed work with captcha in SE::Yandex::Wordstat SE::Yandex::Wordstat
    • Fixed a bug, when requested with a misprint, SE::Google::Modern SE::Google::Modern did not take the results from the first page
    • Fixed bug in Rank::MajesticSEO Rank::MajesticSEO, at which the IP ban was incorrectly determined
    • SE::Google::Trends SE::Google::Trends fixed work when changing default format of the result
    • In SE::Google::Modern SE::Google::Modern the parameter Search from country is changed: instead cr, gl is now used - this allows you to specify the region more precisely
    • Fixed problem with excessive memory consumption in JavaScript parsers
    • Fixed bug affecting stability of work on Linux and Windows
    • Fixed a bug in SE::Yandex SE::Yandex, in which there were no results, if in the output only one link
    The A-Parser team wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for being with us!


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