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Jun 4, 2013

  • What is A-Parser?(top)

    This is a fast parser with an emphasis on versatility, convenience and performance.
    At the moment it can parse:

    Search engines(top)

    • [​IMG] Google
    • [​IMG] Bing
    • [​IMG] Yahoo
    • [​IMG] Yandex
    • [​IMG] QIP - parse Yandex through search.qip.ru with the issuance of to 5000 results from one request
    • Parser AOL, realized through parser Net::HTTP with options - Parse custom result, Use pages and etc.

    Each parser can parse links, anchors, snippets, number of pages.

    For google may bypass limit in 1000 resalts (and soon for other parsers it well be), i.e one request collects all serp

    Keywords parsers(top)

    Services for search keywords

    • [​IMG] Yandex WordStat - collects all keywords and number of page impressions to the specified page. Same way
    • collects an additional keyword, shows on the main of keywords and date update statistics.

    Suggest from search engines(top)

    • [​IMG] SE::Google::Suggest - Suggest and related key Google
    • [​IMG] SE::Bing::Suggest - Suggest and related key Bing
    • [​IMG] SE::Yahoo::Suggest - Suggest, related key and trand key Yahoo
    • [​IMG] SE::Yandex::Suggest - Suggest and related key Yandex

    For suggets google can automatically collect all of keywords(substitution to the specified level), for all other parsers such features will be soon

    Parameters of sites and domains (top)

    • [​IMG] Rank::Alexa - parser Alexa Rank
    • [​IMG] Rank::Ahrefs - parser with the number of backlinks from service ahrefs.com, parses the total number of backlinks, number of referring pages, the number of unique IP-addresses, subnets class C, and the number of unique domains
    • [​IMG] Rank::MajesticSEO - Parser of back-links from service majesticseo.com
    • [​IMG] Rank::SEMrush - Checks rating SEMrush (semrush.com)
    • [​IMG] Rank::OpenSiteExplorer - Checks rating Domain \ page on OpenSiteExplorer
    • [​IMG] SE::Google::position - check domain position on keyword in Google
    • [​IMG] SE::Yandex::position - check domain position on keyword in Yandex
    • [​IMG] SE::QIP::position - check domain position on keyword in search.qip.ru
    • [​IMG] SE::Google::pageRank - PR pages and domains
    • [​IMG] SE::Google::SafeBrowsing - check google domain blacklist (signature harm in issue)
    • [​IMG] SE::Yandex::TIC - check thematic index of citation domain in Yandex
    • [​IMG] SE::DMOZ - availability of the site in the directory DMOZ
    • [​IMG] SE::Google::TrustRank - test site on Google's Trust (additional block of links in serp, etc.)
    • [​IMG] Net::Whois - Expire date of domain
    • [​IMG] SE::Bing::LangDetect - checking the language domain \ links
    • [​IMG] Net::DNS - parser resolves domains in IP addresses
    • [​IMG] Rank::Category - automatically determines the classification of site in English, the categories are the same as in the dmoz.org, such as google.com - Computers / Internet / Searching
    • [​IMG] Rank::CMS - the definition of more than 200 types CMS based on footprints. Defines all the popular forums, blogs, CMS, guestbooks, wikis and many other types of engines
    • [​IMG] SE::Google::Compromised - check for inscriptions "This site may be compromised" in Google

    Parsers of different services(top)

    • [​IMG] SE::YouTube - parser YouTube
    • [​IMG] SE::Google::Maps - parser links in result serp Google(Google Maps)
    • [​IMG] SE::Yandex::Direct - parser direct.yandex.ru
    • [​IMG] SE::Google::Images - parser Google Images
    • [​IMG] SE::Bing::Translator - translator through service www.bing.com/translator/
    • [​IMG] Util::AntiGate - recognition captcha through service AntiGate

    Parsing content(top)

    • [​IMG] HTML::LinkExtractor - parses external and internal links from specific site, can follow on the internal links to the selected level.
    • [​IMG] Net::HTTP - downloads the specified page.
    • [​IMG] Check::BackLink - checks your links on the basis of links

    At the future planned a lot of parser, all created for quickly add new parsers.

    Processing and filtering results(top)

    • [​IMG] Filter results by entering any string equivalence strings, regular expressions, more, less, equal, etc.
    • [​IMG] The uniqueness of any results on the line, the domain, the main domain directory, line without parameters.
    • [​IMG] Parsing any result with use of regular expressions.

    It would not be A-Parser'a if it had not all of the following benefits, leaving the rest far away parsers:

    • Fully interactive mega-usability web interface
      • Quickly add tasks - Quick Task, when you do not need any setup, and want only to quickly parse results
      • Advanced job editor, allows you to combine multiple parsers in the same job, for example you can simultaneously parse links from all search engines parsers, do unique on all results fly on work, etc
      • Tasks queue - statistics in real time, performing several tasks at once, etc.
      • Built-in Tips for control elements - allow you to view Help directly into the interface
      • Support for English and Russian interface lanquage
    • The enormous speed, details here: [[Performance]]
    • Support for two most popular platforms - Linux and Windows, the performance under Windows is actually no different from the Linux version
    • User API* - integration opportunities parser in the scripts more here: User API, interaction with other programs and scripts
    • Open development, bugtracker, listening to all views and their implementation
    • Excellent support staff, familiar to many people of my old project - A-Poster'у
    • This list could continue for a long time, soon all the unique features and a detailed description thereof will be in the Wiki


    Home page - news


    Interface for quickly add simple tasks


    A full-featured interface to add tasks


    Tasks queue


    View logs - the division into tasks and threads


    Settings - global, streams, proxy checker, and parsers


    Management and statistics proxy checker


    Test parsing - display a detailed log of activities and results


    Network usage - parse links from Google in 500 threads using proxy(virtual machine VirtualBox)


    Now more about the opportunities(top)

    • Working under Windows XP/2003/2008/Vista/7 32/64 bit and Linux 32/64 bit
    • Built-in Proxy-Checker, download proxy lists from sites, support for HTTP and SOCKS proxy, support for proxy authentication
    • Multi-threading, high performance, low memory consumption
    • You can parse both multiple parsers result in the desired form format (the screenshot shows the use of Add Task immediately 4eh parsers for the analysis of domains)
    • All settings are grouped into presets, once set up - then just choose the desired
    • A convenient place - realtime statistics, multiple concurrent tasks
    • Opportunities to remove duplicates in the results of parsing - on the line, the domain, the main domain or folder
    • Extensive results on the uniqueness of the parsing results, as well as for filtering in the near future will add a lot of options
    • Quick release of new versions associated with the constant improvement of the functional, operational corrections when the SERPs changed

    What will happen next?(top)

    We are constantly developing new features, adding new parsers and correction of errors You can see this on page http://a-parser.com/
    There will be a system plugin for self-development of new parsers.
    A huge number of options will be available after the implementation of conservation results in a database - the analysis of positions, a comparison of the issuance, tracking their positions and expire yourself(and other) domains, etc

    Pricing policy(top)

    At this moment sold version of the Pro (all parsers) and Enterprise(all parsers + API)

    • Price license - 200$
    • Monthly fee - 15$/3 months, the first 1 year with no monthly fee. Conditions for license fee also apply to existing users!
    • Price license with API - + 50$ to the price of the underlying license
    • Clients, who have A-Poster license - special price - 150$
    • Programs A-Parser + A-Poster cost 300$!
    • Special offers: free 20 proxy threads for 2 weaks for all new customers!

    The license allows you to run A-Parser on a single server \ computer. Change servers is available for free, you can not run simultaneously on several servers \ computers.

    To purchase - register and knock in ICQ 777889 ( or email me to [email protected] if you want other IM, like skype, jabber, etc.. )

    Previously before buying with pleasure to answer any your questions, as well as possible to discuss the implementation of the missing you to functional.
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