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Proxy Checkers

In this section, the statistics of all proxy checkers are displayed. Each proxy checker is a constantly running module (if enabled) that checks proxies and thus has an up-to-date list of live proxies.

You can add an unlimited number of proxy checkers and choose one or several of them for each task or even each scraper in the task. Thus, it is possible to use one set of proxies for parsing Google, for example, and completely different ones for Yandex within the same task.

Overview of proxy checkers

At the top, the total number of live proxies and the number of running proxy checkers are displayed. In the top right corner, there is a button to add a new proxy checker. More information about the procedure for adding proxy checkers is described in the section Proxy Settings.

Below is a list of all existing proxy checkers in the form of cards with information about each proxy checker. Each card displays the following information:

  • Working directory - the folder with the files of the proxy checker in aparser/files/proxy
  • Update time - the time of the last check of the loaded list of proxies
  • Number of proxies in the queue for checking and the total number of loaded proxies
  • Number of live proxies
  • Loading status or date of the next loading from proxy sources
  • Number of sources from which proxies were last successfully loaded and the total number of sources in this proxy checker
  • The current status of proxy checking

The Enabled checkbox next to the proxy checker management buttons allows you to enable/disable the proxy checker.

The first proxy checker in the list is always the default proxy checker. It serves as a template for new proxy checkers and cannot be edited or deleted.