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Command Line Parameters

Parameters Table

-resetpasswordReset access password to the scraper
-stoptasksStart the scraper with stopped tasks
-foregroundStart the scraper with log output to the console
-morelogsOutput detailed information in the log
-asynchttpx-disable-cert-checkDisabling TLS certificate validation
-noforkDisabling multicore processing of results

Usage Form


The path in the command line should point to the directory with the executable file.


To open cmd in the A-Scraper directory on Windows, you need to open the program's working directory and enter cmd in the explorer's address bar and press "Enter", as a result of which the command line will be launched in the current folder.

Example of starting the scraper with stopped A-scraper tasks:

  • Windows
aparser.exe -stoptasks


.\aparser.exe -stoptasks
  • Linux
./aparser -stoptasks

Password Reset

Example of password reset:

  • Windows
aparser.exe -resetpassword


.\aparser.exe -resetpassword
  • Linux
./aparser -resetpassword