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List of Terms

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A scraper is a script that collects data from specified web resources, processes it according to specified queries, and outputs the result in a default or specified format.


A preset is a task created in the Task Editor by selecting a set of scrapers, settings, and options for task execution.

scraper settings

Scraper settings are options that can be edited or changed (overridden) for a different scraper algorithm to obtain a non-standard result.

saved task

A saved task is a preset that has been saved and can be reused.

Stream Config

Stream Config is a set of stream settings that can be saved under a name and reused with different presets.

Proxy Checker

A proxy checker is a controller that is responsible for loading and checking proxies using a set of proxy checker settings.


A proxy is a string/array of strings in a specific format (or a link to a string/array of strings) that allows you to hide the real IP address by sending requests in parsing and transmitting data packets from the server to the client using an intermediate proxy server.