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SE::Bing::AddURL - adding links to the Bing index

Apr 20, 2017

  • The possibilities(top)

    • Adds your url to Bing index automatically.

    Use cases and options(top)

    • Fully automatic adding of your links to Bing index


    • Set up Antigate. Choose the preset with Antigate to this parser (SE:Bing::AddURL).
    • As queries, you need to specify the list of links that you want to add to the Bing index.
    • Don’t forget about https:// or http:// — that’s necessary. Parser won’t work correctly without these protocols.
    • Let's say you want to add two links to the index: https://a-parser.com and https://a-parser.com/wiki/index. Type:


    • That’s what you’ll get:
    • 0 here means that something went wrong. If you are sure your page isn’t indexed but you still see 0, it's probably an error.
    • If you see 1, everything is OK — parser added your links to Bing index.

    Setting options(top)

    Global settings for all parsers
    SettingDefault valueDescription
    AntiGate presetDefaultIn order to set it up, go to this page and follow the instructions. Antigate is turned off by default.

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