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Presetting, password setting

Jan 29, 2020

  • Getting to work with A-Parser it is necessary previously to adjust it under itself
    • Password - by default password is blank, on first run just click Log in button, in the Settings -> Global Settings menu you can create the new password for login
    • Language - possibility of a choice language of the interface, news and helps - are available Russian and English
    • Check updates and updates channel - notices of a release new versions of the parser. Updates channel allows to choose between stable and a beta version
    • Dynamic thread limit - when setting the total thread limit, allow an unlimited number of tasks to be launched (up to the limit of Maximum active tasks), with the total number of active threads not exceeding the Total threads limit.
      • Example:
        • Total thread limit: 1000
        • 5 active tasks for 300 threads
        • At the start of the job 1,2,3 will be run in 300 threads, 4th in 100 and 5th will have 0 active threads.
        • As the requests are completed, the active streams will move down in turn
        • 1,2,3 there are 10 active threads left, 4th and 5th will be fully working in 300 threads.
        In this way, we can maintain a constant number of active streams.
    • Memory Saver - this setting allows us to determine how much memory the parser can use:
      • Best speed - memory is used without limits, with this setting will be the maximum speed.
      • Medium memory usage - the average balance between performance and memory consumption, the parser will use the disk to temporarily store the results.
      • Save max memory - the parser will use all memory saving features, including more frequent garbage collection.


    Reset password(top)

    It is possible to reset the password of access to the parser having started it from a command line with an option -resetpassword

    For Windows:
    aparser.exe -resetpassword
    For Linux:
    ./aparser -resetpassword
    The password will be reset on the empty