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Running multiple parsers together

Nov 26, 2019

  • According to licensing terms, installing and using A-Parser on multiple computers is only allowed in certain scenarios. The following will be explained in detail.

    Additionals IP(top)

    As you know, one license for A-Parser allows you to install the parser on one computer/server. For together running on two or more computers/servers it is necessary to buy additional licenses for each additional computer/server. Additional IP is only available for Pro and Enterprise license types.

    Additional IP is cheaper than the main license, while A-Parser working under such a license, functionally will not differ from the working under the main.

    In order to purchase Additionals IP, you need to:
    • have a main license
    • go to Members Area
    • on the Shop tab, in the Additionals IP item, select the desired quantity and pay
    After that, on the tab A-Parser - IP Configuration will appear fields for additional IP:
    In them it is necessary to save IP of machines on which the A-Parser will work, by analogy with the main license. The installation of the parser is also identical. Maximum can be purchased up to 8 additional IP.
    This way, each parser can work independently of the others.

    Installing one license on multiple computers(top)

    Each license can be used only on one PC/server at a time. Thus, having one license, it is not forbidden to install A-Parser on several computers at once. But in this case, A-Parser can be run only on the PC/server, IP of which is registered in Members Area.

    The procedure of IP change in the Members Area is standard:
    • need to open Members Area
    • go to the tab A-Parser- IP Configuration
    • enter the IP on which you plan to work
    An example of such use can be a working PC and a home laptop: the parser can be installed on both machines, and used either on a working PC or on a home laptop. The number of IP changes in the personal cabinet is unlimited, but it is not recommended to do it more than 5 times a day, because otherwise it may be necessary to confirm the absence of fraudulent actions.

    Multi-user work(top)

    Each license allows you to install A-Parser on the server and use its interface remotely. But only one user can together work with a single instance of the parser. In case the second user opens the interface, the first user will have the session closed.

    Installing multiple copies on a single PC/server(top)

    Each license allows you to install and run an unlimited number of copies of A-Parser within a single machine at the same time. This allows you to maximize the power of powerful systems where one copy does not use all of the resources, and you want to increase performance.

    The process of installing multiple copies of the parser on one system:
    • you need to download and install each copy in a separate directory according to the standard installation instructions
    • in each copy of the parser it is necessary to create config. txt in the config directory and write a string:
      where instead 9091 you need to specify the port on which this copy will work
    You can then run the parser and it will be available on the specified port.

    P.S. Any other means of sharing, as well as renting is prohibited. In case of detection the license will be cancelled without refund or recovery possibility.