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Versions, updates and licensing

Feb 21, 2022

  • A-Parser versions(top)

    The A-Parser software is available in three versions:
    • Lite ($179): parsers for Google (SE::Google SE::Google, SE::Google::Modern SE::Google::Modern) and Yandex (SE::Yandex SE::Yandex) with support of services for solving CAPTCHA's and ReCaptcha's
    • Pro ($299): comes bundled with all 70+ parsers
    • Enterprise ($479): includes the Pro version with added API integration
    Click here to view a detailed version comparison

    Don't fret! If you require a more advanced package after purchasing, you can easily upgrade to a more advanced version:
    • Lite -> Pro: $139
    • Lite -> Enterprise: $319
    • Pro -> Enterprise: $199


    A-Parser is constantly developed and each release includes new improvements or corrections. Here at A-Parser we strive to stay ahead - we update quickly to stay in-line with any changes to formats for services that are supported by the parser. Purchasing the parser entitles you to regular and free updates for the following periods:
    • Lite: 3 months
    • Pro / Enterprise: 6 months
    During the above periods you may update to the last current version. After the end of the period of free updates, the user can be updated to the last stable version available at the end of the updates and continue to use the parser in full, as far as the version available at the time of the subscription end. Once you are no longer eligible for free updates, you may purchase one of the below service packs:
    • 3 months of updates: $49
    • 1 year of updates: $149
    • Lifelong updates: $399
    The period in which there was no subscription to updatings to pay need isn't present

    A-Parser has two variations of updates:
    • Stable: each stable version of the A-Parser software is issued with a complete description of all version changes and any corresponding news
    • Beta: this version includes the latest modifications, allowing quick reaction to any changes in the way existing online services function

    System of licensing(top)

    One license allows you to install the A-Parser for one PC/server with the possibility of free and unlimited transfer parser to another computer/server
    A single license allows the installation of A-Parser on one computer or server with the possibility of free and unlimited transfer parser to another computer/server. If you require the simultaneous use of A-Parser on two or more computers/servers it is necessary to buy discounted additional licenses for each additional computer/server:
    • Lite: unavailable
    • Pro: $249
    • Enterprise: $399
    Upon upgrading additional Pro licenses to Enterprise it is necessary to pay a minimal upgrade fee of $50 for each additional license.
    For control of authenticity of the license is used check of the IP address of the computer to which A-Parser is installed, for convenience it is recommended to use the static IP address. Work with the dynamic IP address is also possible, it will be for this purpose necessary to update manually the IP address in a Members Area.
    The license is only for personal use. Resale, renting or any other form of collaborative access is prohibited.

    Discounts and actions(top)

    • Proxies are provided upon purchase of A-Parser software: Lite - 20 threads for 2 weeks, Pro and Enterprise - 50 threads for 1 month
    • If purchasing A-Poster + A-Parser as a package you may take advantage of a $49 discount
    Important! When switching from one version of the license to another, discounts and shares on the streams (proxy) will not work. In this case, you need to buy a proxy for a fee.
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