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Adding a Task

How to Add a Task

To add a task to the Task Queue and subsequently retrieve the result, you need to select a scraper (by default, SE::GoogleSE::Google is selected) and specify a list of queries.

Queries can be entered as text in the corresponding field (in the format one line - one query) or selected from a file (the number is unlimited). It is also recommended to enable the Keep Log option for outputting information about the scraping process.

Example of a minimal configuration:

Task settings

After adding a task to the Task Queue, a task card will appear, reflecting the main information about the task. Physically, the results are located in the results folder. Also, after the task is completed, you can download the results directly (provided that the file name is not dynamic and the output is to a single file).

Tasks queue

Overriding Settings

Add an override - quick override of settings for the scraper, this option can be added directly in the Task Editor. You can add several parameters with one click.

The list of settings includes the default values, and the default values along with possible settings can be found in the Possible Settings section on the scraper's page.

Override preset

Learn more about Overriding Settings