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Additional options of task editor

Additional options of task editor

There are additional options available in the Task Editor that allow you to enable logs for the task, maintain a deduplication database that can be used in multiple tasks, set a priority for the task, specify which preset to run upon completion of this task, and other extremely useful options.

Basic options

Do log and Save deduplication options are shown

Do log

Select this option to be able to view task logs during task execution or after task completion. You will be able to see in the task log the reasons for unsuccessful requests, and based on this, you can draw conclusions and take some actions.

Save deduplication

Save deduplication - the ability to save deduplication information for future tasks.

Advanced options

Clicking on More options button

By clicking on the More options button, you will see advanced settings for the results, such as: limit logs, priority, run on complete, use result file for requests, override tools.js, remove task on complete, call URL on complete.

Prepend and append text

Prepend and append text - A-Parser can substitute the initial and final text in the result file to form the header of the CSV file, for the initial and final tags of the XML file, etc.

Task priority

Used in conjunction with the Dynamic thread limit setting. Tasks with higher priority will receive threads immediately after each request completion of tasks with lower priority.



  • If tasks have the same priority, priority is given to the task that was added earlier in time.
  • Works only with dynamic thread limit.
  • When adding a task via API, it is necessary to specify the prio field from 1 to 100 (higher - higher).

Run next task on completion of current

Run on complete - the ability to run the next task after completing the current one. In the settings, you can specify the necessary thread configuration and select the Use result file for request option, which allows you to use the file with the result of the current task as a source of requests for the task specified in the drop-down list.

Call Callback URL on task completion

Call URL on complete - the ability to send a POST request to the specified URL upon task completion, in the body of which there will be a JSON with the task status:

"taskUid" : "214",
"state" : {
"requests" : "1",
"additionalCount" : 0,
"addTime" : 1527501047,
"activeThreads" : 0,
"logExists" : 0,
"changeTime" : 1527501049,
"resultsCount" : 0,
"lastQuery" : "tt",
"lastTotalFail" : 0,
"avgSpeed" : 60,
"queriesDoneCount" : 1,
"started" : 1,
"queriesCount" : 1,
"minimized" : 0,
"curSpeed" : 0,
"totalWaitProxyThreads" : 0,
"totalFail" : 1,
"queriesDoneCountAtStart" : 0,
"startTime" : 1527501049,
"runTime" : 0,
"uniqueResultsCount" : "none"
"status" : "completed",
"stats" : "<b>Overall stats</b><br>Runtime: 0:00:00<br>HTTP requests: 1<br><br><b>1. Net::HTTP</b><br>Queries done: 1<br>Successful queries: 0<br>Proxies used: 1 (per query)<br>Retries used: 1 (per query)<br>HTTP requests: 1 (per query)<br>Proxies banned: 0/10000"

Override tools.js

Override tools.js - overrides the existing tools.js for the current preset, and also allows you to export only the necessary functions along with the preset.

Remove task on completion

Remove task on completion - removes the task upon completion without adding it to completed tasks.