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1.2.1239 - Node.js update, ReCaptcha v3 and Smart captcha support, bug fixes

Discussion in 'News' started by Support Artur, Jun 16, 2021.

  1. Support Artur

    Support Artur A-Parser Enterprise License
    A-Parser Enterprise

    Apr 6, 2020
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    • Node.js updated to version 15.14.0
    • Added the ability to solve Google ReCaptcha v3 as a new scraper Util::ReCaptcha3 Util::ReCaptcha3
    • In SE::Yandex SE::Yandex, as well as in some other Yandex scrapers, processing of the new Smart captcha is implemented
    • Added scraping mode via Chrome to Rank::MajesticSEO Rank::MajesticSEO
    • In SE::DuckDuckGo SE::DuckDuckGo languages and regions are updated
    • In SE::Google::Cache SE::Google::Cache added the ability to use recaptch solving services
    • Added collection of links to the channel in SE::YouTube SE::YouTube
    • Updated the list of languages in DeepL::Translator DeepL::Translator
    • In SE::Bing SE::Bing, when a ban is detected, the proxy is banned by the scraper instead of a simple change
    • In Shop::Amazon Shop::Amazon the user-agent has been updated, due to which the performance has increased

    Corrections due to changes in the issue:

    Bug fixes:
    • Fixed a bug in HTML::LinkExtractor HTML::LinkExtractor that caused scraping on request to stop with an error
    • In Rank::MOZ Rank::MOZ, the absence of retries has been fixed, and the logic for detecting unsuccessful requests has been changed
    • Fixed proxy check error if the password contained "*"
    • Fixed a bug due to which Check content stopped working when using the template engine in Additional headers
    • Fixed logic for checking results in SE::Bing::Images SE::Bing::Images
    • Fixed XPath
    • Fixed memory leak: during long run the node.js process gradually filled up all available RAM
    • Fixed work with proxies on some sites, the bug appeared in one of the previous beta versions

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