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1.2.1604 - scraping Google People also ask, new methods in JS scrapers, adaptation to changes

Discussion in 'News' started by Support, Jul 29, 2022.

  1. Support

    Support Administrator
    Staff Member A-Parser Enterprise

    Mar 16, 2012
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    • In SE::Google SE::Google added scraping of People also ask
    • In Rank::Ahrefs Rank::Ahrefs added a new scraping method, the data obtained in the old way was slightly different from those in the browser
    • Implemented gzip bomb protection
    • In SE::Yandex::Register SE::Yandex::Register improved work with numbers and optimized registration process
    • Improved work with sessions in SE::Yandex::WordStat SE::Yandex::WordStat
    • For Yandex scrapers, the ability to use accounts on their domains has been added
    • In all Yandex scrapers, work with smart captcha is adapted to changes in sources
    • JS scrapers: added method this.puppeteer.logScreenshot(), it allows you to log a screenshot of the current page
    • JS scrapers: added methods this.isContextAlive(), this.console.log, this.console.setPrefix and .setGlobalConsolePrefix
    • In SE::Yandex::WordStat::ByDate SE::Yandex::WordStat::ByDate added correct handling of situations when there are no results for a query
    • HTML::TextExtractor HTML::TextExtractor - optimized processing speed

    Corrections due to changes in the issue

    Bug fixes


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