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Additional settings and parameters

Apr 5, 2021

  • Additional settings(top)


    • Line break allows to select between Unix and Windows option of ends strings when saving results in the file
    • Number format - specifies how to print numbers in which six or more characters
    • Macroses of templates

    Additional settings through the configuration file(top)

    Create the file config/config.txt, this category of settings requires restarting of a parser in case of change
    Possible settings:
    ParameterValue by defaultDescription
    bind: used by A-Parser
    dns: ip1, ip2, ip3...System DNSList of the used DNS addresses
    dns_retries: N2Number of attempts to receive the response from the DNS server
    dns_timeout: N5Timeout of response from the DNS server in seconds
    dns_random: N0Randomize requests to DNS servers
    dns_cache_size: N131072Size of cache DNS in records
    dns_cache_time: N3600Storage time of record in DNS cache in seconds
    proxies_reuse: N0Allows to use the same proxy in repeated attempts to parsing request, it is also necessary to set ban time of proxy in 0
    https: N1Determines whether to support HTTPS
    save_interval: N10Interval of saving progress of task to disk in seconds
    allow_outside_files: N0Determines the ability to work with files outside parser directory
    allow_dangerous_node_modules: N0This option allows the use of all built-in modules without restrictions, including process, child_process, os... Using this option can compromise the entire system, if an attacker gains remote access to A-Parser, it is necessary to restrict access (firewall) and use a complex password
    allow_javascript_editor: N0This option gives access to JS parser editor.
    outgoing_ip: address for outgoing connections (connections to websites or proxy servers)

    Command line parametrs(top)

    It is possible to use these parameters, having executed them in command line:

    • For Windows
    aparser.exe -parametr

    • For Linux
    ./aparser -parametr

    Possible parameters:
    -resetpasswordReset of the password of access to parser
    -noforkSwitch-off of multicore processing of results
    -stoptasksStart of parser with stopped tasks
    -newnodeStart of parser with full support for nodejs modules
    -asynchttpx-disable-cert-checkDisable TLS certificate validation