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Additional options for some parsers

Nov 21, 2019

  • Some parsers support additional options which can be added through the shortcut menu of settings:

    Parse all results(top)

    This option is available in parsers SE::Google SE::Google, SE::Yandex SE::Yandex, SE::Bing SE::Bing, SE::Google::Modern SE::Google::Modern, SE::Yahoo SE::Yahoo also allows to bypass restrictions of output in 1000 results on one request:
    • When parsing requests A-Parser evaluates amount of results in output which displays Google or Yandex
    • In case amount of results parser adds a set of additional requests, thereby allowing parsing much more results (it is frequent - all) on one request

    Parse to level(top)

    This option is present for parsers of suggests (for example SE::Google::Suggest SE::Google::Suggest), for parser SE::Yandex::WordStat SE::Yandex::WordStat and for a parser of links HTML::LinkExtractor HTML::LinkExtractor
    • For parsers of suggests and SE::Yandex::WordStat SE::Yandex::WordStat adds again in requests parsing keywords, allowing to parsing thereby all nested keywords to the specified level
    • For a parser adds again in requests all internal links of the site, allowing to bypass all site, having made its reference map
    For this option it is necessary turn on surely Unique request, differently is possible a situation when the parser parsing around the same keywords or links

    Parse related to level(top)

    This option allows you to specify the ability to parse in depth on related keywords. Supported by parsers SE::Google SE::Google, SE::Bing SE::Bing, SE::Google::Modern SE::Google::Modern, SE::Yahoo SE::Yahoo

    Other options(top)

    There is few additional options for different parsers, it is possible to learn about their assignment in more detail in documentation on each parser:
    • Use Pages,
      Check Content,
      Check Next Page - option for parser Net::HTTP Net::HTTP
    • Parse Custom - option of additional parsing of result on the regular expression