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Antigate setup example

Nov 10, 2017

  • Step 1(top)

    • Open Settings - Parser presets and select [​IMG] Util::AntiGate parser from the dropdown list

    Step 2(top)

    • Write the necessary domain of Antigate
    • Write a key of access to service
    • Save as new preset (For example it is called Antigate)


    Step 3(top)

    • Select the tab Task editor and select a parser in which we will use AntiGate, for example [​IMG] SE::Yandex::WordStat
    • Go into its settings

    Step 4(top)

    • In settings turn on Use AntiGate
    • Below select in the item AntiGate preset our created earlier preset (In example it was called Antigate)
    • Save all as new preset (For example it is called Use Antigate)


    Step 5(top)

    • The last step it is necessary select the last created preset with tuned Antigate (In example it was called Use Antigate) to parser [​IMG] SE::Yandex::WordStat