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Settings and presets

Oct 10, 2018

  • A-Parser has the following groups of settings:
    • Global settings - the main settings of the program: language, password, parameters of updates, number of the active tasks
    • Configs presets - settings of threads and methods of unique of tasks
    • Parsers presets - opportunity to set up each separate parcer
    • Proxy checker presets - quantity of threads and all settings for a proxy checker
    • Advanced settings - optional settings for the advanced users
    • Presets of tasks- saving tasks for the subsequent use
    All settings (except the global and advanced) saving in presets - sets of in advance saved settings, for example:
    • Different presets of settings for SE::Google SE::Google - one for parsing links with the maximum depth of 10 pages on 100 results, another - for a competition assessment on requests, depth of parsing is 1 page on 10 results
    • Different presets of settings of proychecker - separate for HTTP and SOCKS proxies
    For all settings exists preset by default), it can't be changed, all changes shall remain in the presets with new names

    Override preset(top)

    Override preset - fast redefinition of settings for a parser, this option it is possible to add directly in Task editor. In one click, you can add several parameters and they are not duplicated. In the list of settings, the default values are specified, and if the option is highlighted in bold then it is already overridden in the preset
    In this example, instead of the language of the results set in the preset default (Any Language - any language), it will be possible to select any language from the list for issuing Google. The Page count option has already been redefined from 5 to 3, so it is highlighted in boldIn task it is possible to use unlimited number of the options Override preset, but if changes it is much more, convenient to create the new preset and in it save all changes

    Global settings for all parsers(top)

    ParameterValue by defaultDescription
    Request retries10Number of attempts on each request, if the request isn't possible execute that for the specified number of attempts, that it is considered unsuccessful and is passed
    Use proxyWhether defines to use a proxy
    Query format{query}Request format
    Result formatEach parser has its own valueResult format
    Proxy ban timeEach parser has its own valueBan time of a proxy in seconds
    Request timeout60Maximum wait time of request in seconds
    Request delay0Time delay between requests in seconds, it is possible to set random value in an interval, for example 10,30 - a time delay from 10 to 30 seconds
    Proxy CheckerAllFrom any checker should be used the proxy (a choice between all or specific listing)

    Global settings for all parsers working according to the HTTP protocol(top)

    ParameterValue by defaultDescription
    Max body sizeEach parser has its own valueMaximum page size of output in bytes
    Use gzipWhether defines to use traffic compression
    Extra query string-Allows to specify additional parameters in a line of request

    Default settings for each parcer can differ (they are stored in default presets in settings of each parser)
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