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Rank::OpenSiteExplorer::Extended - advanced version of Rank::OpenSiteExplorer parser

Apr 19, 2017

  • Collected data(top)

    • Page, domain, subdomain and root domain rating
    • Mozrank and Moztrust for pages, subdomains and root domains
    • The total amount of page, subdomain and root domain external and internal links
    • The number and quantity of backdomains
    • Equity of external and internal links (read about equity here)
    • Equity of internal and external links at subdomain and root domain
    • Pages, subdomains and root domains with similar c-blocks
    • Spam score of a page, subdomain or root domain
    • Spam crawl count
    • There are 39 parameters of data which can be collected

    Use cases(top)

    • Determination of a page/domain rating in OpenSiteExplore
    • Evaluation of traffic at a domain
    • Evaluation of amount and equity of backlinks, internal links and external links
    • Looking for pages, subdomains and root domains with same c-blocks
    • Evaluation of spam score and spam crawl count of your website and referring websites


    • Type the links of the websites, domains or pages you want to evaluate.
    • For instance, if you need to know the page authority of the main page of our website (a-parser.com), you just have to type:


    • You’ll soon get such information:

    Setting options(top)

    Global settings for all parsers

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