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SE::IxQuick - parse ixquick.com search results

Mar 11, 2019
  • Metasearch system Ixquick - returns the top ten results from various search engines, thus forming its list of results of issuance. The peculiarity of the search engine is that IP addresses and other personal information are deleted 48 hours after the search

    Collected data(top)

    • Links, anchors and snippets from output
    • List of related keywords



    • Search capability of related keywords
    • Supports a choice of country of search, region
    • Ability to output together or separately anchors, links, snippets
    • Ability to specify the number of output results

    Use options(top)

    • Collection of reference bases, anchors and snipes
    • Search for related keywords on request
    • Getting the list of sites that are most often mentioned in search engines
    • Any other use cases for obtaining information


    • As queries are specified words, phrases, word combinations in the same form as they fit into the search system, for example:


    • List of links on requests is as a result displayed:

    Possible settings(top)

    Global settings for all parsers
    ParameterValue by defaultDescription
    Pages count5Number of pages for parsing
    Results languageAny languageChoice of language of results (lr= parameter)
    Search countryGlobalChoice a country from where is carried out search (geo-dependent search, the gl= parameter)
    Family filterFilter depending on searchSelection of filtering level

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