SE::QIP::Position - Check of positions of the sites on keywords in QIP

Jul 10, 2017

  • Collected data(top)

    • Position of the site and link to the page of the site
    • List of all positions of the site and links to pages


    • All opportunities QIP parser
    • Automatically stops parsing when finding the site
    • Supports search of subdomains
    • Opportunity to compare a required position on the domain, on master domain and on the full link
    • Search of positions at once on several domains

    Use options(top)

    • Check of positions of the sites and sites of competitors
    • Search of pages, which generate main traffic on the site


    • As requests it is necessary to specify the domain of the required site and a search query through a gap, an example:
    • If it is necessary to check one site according to the list of requests that can be specified the domain in Query format:
      And as requests to use simply the list of keywords
    • In order to use several domains in a single query, you need to specify a list of domains, separated by commas, and through the gap keyword, for example:
      Results will be recorded to the array $bulkcheck.
      Stop when found option is also supported, parsing ends if for all domains will found positions.

    Possible settings(top)

    Supports all settings of a parser of QIP, and also in addition:

    ParameterValue by defaultDescription
    Stop when foundStop parsing if the domain is found, won't transfer to the following pages
    Match typeExact domainOpportunity to compare a required position on the domain, on master domain and according to the full link
    Not found is errorThe option eliminating the search engine errors when it gives empty results