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Check::RosKomNadzor - checking the site in the Roskomnadzor database

Jul 18, 2017

  • Collected data(top)

    The parser checks for the existence of a domain \ link in the site database
    • Checks the existence of a domain \ link in the registry (0 -one in the registry, 1 - is in the registry)
    • Date of establishment for entry into the register
    • Number of grounds for entry in the register
    • Body that made the decision to enter the register
    • Access limitation

    Use options(top)

    • Allows you to check the location of the site (s) in the database banned by Roskomnadzor


    • As requests, you must specify the site (domain) of the site (s) that you want to check, for example:

    For the parser to work, you need to configure the antigate


    • As a result, by default the site (domain) is displayed and its presence in the Roskomnadzor database (0-no, 1-is):

    To display the required information, use the variables that are specified in the output list, placing them in the result format or redefining the output of the results via the "Result format" option, specifying the desired variable for output

    Possible settings(top)

    Global settings for all parsers

    ParameterValue by defaultDescription
    AntiGate presetdefaultPreset parser Util:AntiGate. It is necessary before to set up parser Util::AntiGate - to specify the key of access and other parameters then to select the created prest here
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