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SE::AOL - Parser of search results of search.aol.com

Nov 7, 2018

  • Collected data(top)

    • Amount of results on request
    • Links, anchors and snippets from output


    • Support of all retrieval operators AOL (site: etc.)
    • Parse the maximum number of results given to Aol - 100 pages on 20 elements in outputs

    Use options(top)

    • Collection of reference bases - for A-Poster, XRumer, AllSubmitter, etc.
    • Assessment a competition for keyword
    • Parsing of the American output of Google
    • Search of backlinks (references) of the sites
    • Check of an indexing of the sites
    • Search of the vulnerable sites
    • Any other options implying parsing of AOL in this or that look


    • As requests it is necessary to specify retrieval phrases, in the same way, as though they were entered directly into the form of search AOL, for example:


    • List of links on requests is as a result displayed:

    Possible settings(top)

    Global settings for all parsers

    ParameterValue by defaultDescription
    Pages count5Number of pages for parsing
    No results is error In certain cases AOL can return empty output on quite normal request, with this option such requests will repeatedly parsing
    AOL domainsearch.aol.comChoice of the country of retrieval output: US, UK, FR or DE